messed up question

(snowy_duck) #1

okay i go to confermation and the paster guy or whatever u call them (we just say “hey” to get his attention) anyway we were taking one of those tests that’s spossed to make u closer to god. well one question is choose one (u can’t say neither or both for u weirdos out there) :wink:

would u rather have a person pick your nose?

or you pick someone else’s nose?

(haunt_house) #2

one suggestion to you…

If anyone torments you with such ‘all or nothing questions’, smile at him, he´s not worth it. He doesn´t understand life or god. And he certainly will not bring you closer to any kind of god, because he lets you choose between a guilty conscience or being self-rightous and autocratic. Avoid both and good luck


(overextrude) #3

I’d gladly pick someone else’s nose. Then I’d tell the doctor (plastic surgeon, I presume) which one I picked, and let him/her go to town.

(acasto) #4

Yet another sad example of the humanistic institutionalization of faith. Same with public schools, their going down the the drain.

(theeth) #5

just raise an eyebrow and say “whatever” in a very zen way.


(BgDM) #6

look at him and then say you want the deviil to pick you nose and then feed it to him :wink:

Man religion sucks ass. (Sorry, just my opinion- no offense intended)