Messerschmitt bf 109

My latest work , Messerschmitt bf 109 ,my goal is achieve photo realism as it will be a learning project for me as I am a bit naive in texturing especially working with UVs.

Added more details

after looking at like 200+ reference pictures

Blades and gear wip

The detail level is impressive. :slight_smile:


The modeling looks great!

Did you compare it to cross sections? I am not sure, and please forgive me if I’m wrong, but I think that the fuselage is too wide and curved on the sides. The Bf 109 had almost vertical and plain side surfaces at the sides between the exhaust manifolds and the cockpit. The tail has a bit more curvature but is still not bulgy. You should also take a look at the width of the fuselage and the cockpit, I think it is too wide, compared to the height of the canopy.

First of all, Thanks for bringing this up or I would have missed it. Yes I have compared it with cross section and bf 109 has many variants,the one I am making is E4. There wasn’t much difference .Here is top view comparison of both

You mean an E-3, right? Bf 109 G variants have the rounder nose and wingtips.

Great work until now!

Hopefully going the right way

added more details

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