Messy room

Messy room.
Imagine who lives in this room, what she likes, what her job is like.


It’s hyper-realistic!

Thank you!

How long it takes to be this good?

about 1.5 months, 2~5hours per day.


This is amazing! Great job!

She is a Japanese freelance blender artist (blender books on shelf, Japanese room).
She is constantly rushing with the crazy deadlines from clients, suffering of anxiety (cigarette and lighters everywhere, so she smokes a lot), all of her time is spent blending (no time to clean the room) and at nigh she likes to see Doramas (tissue box and many used ones on the garbage can).

Close enough? :smile:

Great Job! Flawless! Congratulations!


She cried when she received a breakup notice from her boyfriend. She seems to be buying beer at a convenience store because she is not comforted by chatting with her best friend.

This is very creative work.

When I was growing up, me, my brother, and my sister were not allowed to have our rooms get that messy. If my parents saw a mess, they forced us to clean it up.

The my brother went to college and his dorm room somewhat resembled this at one point (minus the cigarettes and alcohol).

I have read that school life can be a bit demanding and quite challenging over in Japan, so I could see this happen more over there compared to here in the US.

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It looks ok, lighting and the models are decent, but the materials and textures on stuff could do with a lot of love. the jeans on the top left look like they’re glossy? and a lot of things (clothes especially) look like they are flat colours with not texture at all.

Thank you!

Thank you very much.
Your answers have elements close to what I set while creating this.
For example, she’s interested in art, she’s worried about something, she uses her computer all day long.
“She likes watching dramas,” I never thought, but it’s good answer.
But there is no clear answer to this, but fun is imagining the landlord from a room that is a trace of life.

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Thank you.
Your answer is very interesting.
I didn’t set her to have a lover at all, but she would have.
I’d be glad if you could tell me why she thought she wasn’t comforted by talking to her best friend.

@rogper @sungoori
Both of you seem to be immagined that she cried a lot from the tissue in the garbage can and on the floor.
I just placed a lot of them as a representative of the garbage that comes out on a daily basis, but it is very interesting to be immagined her character and recent situation from what I didn’t think.

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I just looked at this work and wrote what I felt intuitively, but if I think about myself why I felt that way,
Even though it was a thin curtain, I didn’t get any natural light, so I thought it was midnight.

I thought she left where she could get back soon because she left the lights in the room and left cigarettes and lighters.

The closest place to go during this time is the 24-hour convenience store, and the drink bottles in the room explain that she uses the convenience store often. There are many drinks and cigarettes in the room, but no beer.

Crumpled cushions and crumpled tissues seem to explain her feelings. Breaking up with her boyfriend is not well explained, but I think it’s time for the owner of this pink room, which seems to be in his mid-20s, to love…

I felt so probably because I’ve been listening to Momoe Yamaguchi’s さ よ な ら の 向 う 側 recently

PS :
I had a problem with a post I posted a while ago. Deleted and reposted.
I had a problem with Google Translator. Do not be surprised if you see strange answers

If Naoko (let’s call her this) continues that lifestyle:

  • she will probably have her first burnout around 28-30 years of age

  • neck, back problems she is already experiencing on a daily basis.

  • Repetitive strain syndrome is on the way, forcing her to endure right hand hand/or lower arm wrist pains, and using the left arm to finish work slower and at a lower quality, causing her to lose clients

  • the constant caffeine (coffee, coke) intake increases her stress levels, and she will have sleeping issues.

  • smoking increases her stress levels more. The chemicals in sigarettes fool the body into thinking she feels less stressful, but the opposite is true.

  • Her circadian cycle is in utter chaos due to her using her smart phone late at night in bed, because it is the only time that she can connect with other people - not in person, but mostly through the tiny screen, which emits blue light and throws off her sleeping rhythms.

  • the lack of fresh food causes vital nutrient and vitamin deficiencies in her body. 99% of the time she eats and drinks processed foods only.

  • she is probably chronically dehydrated as well.

  • she will experience times when her periods become extremely painful and nauseating due to her body being mistreated. She will have missed several periods by now.

  • probably become infertile, or have difficulties to conceive naturally now and later in life.

  • do I see some birth control pills in that scene? If so, those take a toll on a women’s body. Together with the smoking, and the energy drinks to keep herself going, she already wound up in intensive care once. She told herself it must have been a bad day. Nothing to worry about.

  • her stool is probably type 1/2.

  • she is experiencing stomach and digestive problems. She takes care of these warning signals by swallowing more drugs to fight the symptoms of this life style.

  • she is forced to swallow synthetic vitamins, which lower her life span, but keep her body going for now.

  • she is vitamin D deficient.

  • she is iron deficient.

  • she has no time for fun outdoor activities or time to exercise. Her only free time is mostly spent on her smart phone.

  • when she does have her only night out every week, she drinks heavily together with her friends to forget about their daily worries.

  • Without make-up to cover it, her face looks extremely drawn. Eyes are blood-shot, skin greyish. Lips look pale pink. Even if she stays in (which is 90% of the time) her small room, she will wear make-up, which further poisons her body (most make-up is a veritable cocktail of all sorts of unhealthy chemicals, and is absorbed by the skin).

  • she will have fainting bouts throughout the day. She ignores these as unimportant.

  • she is experiencing regular migraines. She ignores these, and swallows more drugs to suppress the migrains and other bodily pains that have become chronic.

  • she will be underweight. The heavy smoking and energy drinks/coffee interfere with her body’s hunger cycle.

  • have developed lung cancer at around 50-60 years, if not a decade earlier, if not some other chronic illness, forcing her into welfare.

  • have developed diabetes type 2 at around 40 years, if not earlier

  • smoker’s voice at 35-45.

  • if she, by some heavenly intervention, lives beyond 50/60, she will have O-legs and a severe bent back due to vitamine D deficiency. She will be in constant pain and discomfort.

Luckily, at 35, right after her second burn-out and a life-changing NDE (near death experience), she realizes she can’t go on like that, and decides to leave Tokyo. She starts up an organic small farm, goes vegetarian, and becomes famous in Japan for helping other young people to quit these self-destroying life styles. In a few decades, thanks to her deep philosophical thinking and her selfless activities which provide an alternative to the old patriarchal and self-destructive thinking patterns, Japan’s large cities are mostly abandoned and torn down, replaced by a society that values all life and a natural life style. Japan becomes an example state that many other countries will follow, and humanity all over the world is unified, following a course of goodness, empathy, wholeness, and learning from and working hand in hand WITH nature.

That is, excepting a few extreme right-wing thinking states in the USA (of course), which separate from the USA, and pretty much self-destruct within a century anyway. The rest of the world cleans up after their mess, and humanity is finally ready to explore the stars, and become part of the Federation of Stars. They are wholeheartedly welcomed by the other races living in our universe.

The end.

When I was a student, there were times when my mental state was a little bad.
(I’m OK now.)
At that time, I couldn’t clean up the room, and it was getting dirty like this room.
I think the state of the room may reflect the mental state.
The experience of that time is utilized in the layout of objects and garbage.

Yes, it is very difficult to make good materials of clothes.
After several trials and errors, I couldn’t find the best one.
I will practice it as a future task.

Indeed, leaving a cigarette and a lighter could explain that she went out for a short time.
Also, the opinion that “the state of the room can represent the mental state of its owner” can explain that she is under great stress.
And, given the interior of her room, it seems a very natural reasoning that she is in her twenties, and thinking that age, the great stress could be heartbreak.
Thank you very much.

I searched and listened to “さよならの向う側” on Youtube after reading your comment.
I’ve heared this song many times on the TV commercial, but I didn’t know this song’s name.
I am a little surprised to know the name of this song from an unexpected place.
I am not an English speaker, so my comments may be a bit strange.

Certainly, I do not set her character up for a healthy life.
Cigarettes on the desk, empty containers for bento bought from supermarkets or convenience stores, and empty containers for drinks on the floor indicate that her eating habit has some problems.
There is also a charging cable for her smartphone right beside the bed. It shows that she is lying on the bed and using her smartphone for a long time before sleeping, resulting in sleep deprivation.

However, I was very surprised that you estimated how many health problems she had, her illness, and what would happen in the future just by looking at her room.
Are you a medical professional?
I was sympathized deeply with your comment because her character has some elements of my own life pattern.

what a beautiful mess :wink:

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