Meta floating platforms

I finally made something worth showing. I started off using meta balls then turned to sculpting and mesh modelling to get the little stalagtites hanging down. I thought it kinda had a cool look when I added the metalic material… Any suggestions?


Added some lighting underneath so you can see the stalagtites(I think thats what their called…). then tried toning the specular down. which one do you like better?


the one on the left looks better.:yes:

ooooo shiny!:yes:

the initial image is very trippy :stuck_out_tongue: and I agree with GeniusAtWork, the one on the left is better :slight_smile:

If they’re from the ceiling, they’re stalactites. If they’re from the ground, they’re stalagmites. :wink:

@GeniusAtWork: Which one on the left? there are two. Or do you mean the one on the right?
@skyler: Thanks I always forget which ones are which!
Don’t have any knew screenshots yet.

I worked some more on the project but unfortuanatly my computer crashed so I lost all my work. I think this is my last post here.


stalacTites hang, stalagMites stand… look at the letters T and M, ones build to hang, ones built to stand…