Metaballs and BGE

Hello everyone!

Long time blender user here who has recently begun to utilize the Blender Game Engine for simulations. I have a quick question though:

Has metaball support been implemented in the BGE yet?

I have searched this forum as well as Google and seen past threads from the past few years which say no, but I am curious if there have been any recent additions to the BGE code that allow for metaball usage during BGE runtime. If so, that would make my life a whole lot easier in simulating physics, but if not, no big deal!

Thank you in advance, and please forgive me if I have missed any more recent posts explaining this.

You could try a simple experiment that will take all of about 15 seconds. Add a metaball to your scene and press P to start the game engine. Do you see the metaball ?

If Yes then they are supported
If No then they are not supported

To save you the 15 seconds of your life (the time to read this) the answer is No

Thank you for the quick reply Sir. I should have mentioned that I did try the experiment, but when there was no result, I thought it was either not yet implemented or required a little bit of tinkering (which is what I came on here to find out about).


Indeed the doubts are valid. Unfortunately quite a few game engine features need a different handling than for render (e.g. how to use an armature + skin mesh, or modifiers).