MetaHuman Creator Early Access

MetaHuman Creator is available.

Also you can download over 50 premade, fully rigged MetaHumans directly from the free Quixel Bridge application.

Quality “AAA” tool for everyone.


But it’s for Unreal and Maya only at this time right? I wonder how long before Bridge supports exporting MetaHumans to Blender?

For Unreal only, and those characters are more geared towards movies or cinematics than games.
It’s too heavy ressources , and Unreal Groom hair does not help.

Character Creator 3 produces as good quality but it’s lot more optimized, specially for hair simulation

There are ways to export assets from Unreal to fbx. And you can export the image uassets as well.

Edit: there has also been a bit of work done bringing mannequins from Unreal to Blender. If you do some research you can find it. That would help with the process of using the assets in Blender as I imagine they are based on the mannequin rig. But I could be wrong.


As I have researched this further, it is fairly simple. I am not sure how to export the hair to Blender. But it is Alembic groom so it should come in as curves if you can. From there it is not possible to turn it into hair but you can give the curves thickness and render with the hair shader. I have done this from Maya.

The rest of it would be very straight forward.

Though I think the strength of this tool is to completely bypass a DCC altogether.

As assets in Unreal you can also swap out the clothes for armor and so on.

So a Blender workflow would be to rig you custom clothes and other assets with a mannequin compatible rig. From there you can use Mocap and also animate with a control rig much like MotionBuilder.