Metal Bird

I was learning curves, accidentally made the feet, and built up around the toes. And I got ambient occlusion to work for me, which is nice.

Comments and Criticism greatly appreciated.

Full view please, the thumbnail doesn’t do it justice.

Criticisms have been taken into account. I’ve added some details and increased the light, but I don’t think the normals are the problem with the legs. Resetting them didn’t work, and the blue lines are all pointing outwards if I turn on normals.I may have to rebuild them, but I’ll save that for another day unless anyone has another idea.

I took chirps-a-lot’s advice and added raymirror, but to make it look good I had to change to blue. It looks a lot better now, thanks! The only problems left are the legs, I’ll post the source tomorrow If anyone can help with them.

Final Update:

Thank you Catboy85 for fixing the leg shearing. I finally decided to use Edgesplit, just because it was easiest. Here’s the final:

Need more light! Please adjust the output to give more clarity / contrast so that we can see the details.

You’ve got some bad artifacts on the legs. Select all the vertices in the Edit-Mode and hit STRG-N to recalculate the Normals. After that they should look better.

Nice concept. Keep up the good work :yes:

Maybe you mean CTRL+N?

yes that’s what he means. :stuck_out_tongue:

i think its pretty cool, but you should use a more metal-like texture (don’t ask me how to do it tho)

Uhhh yeah sorry forgot about that. :yes:

CTRL = STRG in Germany (and other European countries)

ya put ray-mir on it and get an hdri =D…and definitely fix the normals on the legs

Is an hdri a Hi-def resolution image? How would I do that? All I know how to do is render at 100%, then “save image as.”

Oh wait the other thing with the legs could be one accidently placed vertice on the inside of the mesh had that problem with one of my projects too. Check the lecks if all the Faces are connected with the right vertices. But the legs look like simple cylinders so maybe remodelling would be faster :wink:

I also see some weird artifacts on the heel. If you use subsurf you should use Quads not Triangles, but I’m not shure if that’s the problem

Heh, my bad. I thought it was just a typo. :o

I corrected the leg problem by modeling the entire limb, instead of a cylinder sticking out of it. I think it was just a weird lighting problem anyway, so there’s a hemi to prevent shadows from forming inside. Bird.blend

I hope the files works.
I dont have any good metal textures, so i cant help there.

scary. Tim Burton-esque

Sorry man, I can’t open the file. Are you sure you attached the right one?

OK, both of these problems are easily fixed. For the legs you can either delete the ends of the tubes, of you can just add an edge split modifier. As others have said, just select in edit mode then press CTRL+N and click recalculate outside.


Yeah, just CTRL+N doesnt work…
Try this:
This time I tested it to work, so if it doesn’t, it’s probably the .blend file or version of blender.