Metal Crank - Client work

Finished a new small but nice client work.

Created in Blender 2.79. Wood texture comes from Substance Source. (Had no time for my own…)

Object textures are completely procedural, no bitmaps used. And flexible: You can adjust the structure and add some additional random scratches if you like.

OK, so far. If you’ve more questions for the proiect, drop me a line.

The crank itself has really no threads inside the mount. It was a client wish and I’ve not forgotten it. :slight_smile:

Best wishes

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Are there any lugs inside the mount for that crank? it just looks round, you’d need to bolt that on real tight if you are cranking on it.

The render looks great, just curious about the engineering of the crank itself.

nice work !!!

Thank you.

I know. This was the first I asked my client too. :slight_smile:
But there are no threads in this one. Don’t ask me why…

I’ve made some research in this topic and checked blue prints. But there are really some of them completely without threads…