metal skull

Just for fun an experiment that came out different than I planned. When I was working on my skull model I was playing with ao and tried a render with yafray. This was the result and I thought I would post it as it looked kind of cool even though it wasn’t what I had expected. I bring you the metal skull. Muhahah.

click for 640 X 480 version


Now you only need the rest of the skeleton body :stuck_out_tongue:
anyway its cool :wink:

(ahem… the sides of the skull are still too flat… :slight_smile: )


thanks guys.
env - he he yup that is the earlier skull see
bottom of page for corrected version. (although still may be too flat)
also see WIP thread for swamp-redo for how it looks in the scene, 3rd picture.
hykep - about needing the rest of the skeleton body. I agree sounds like a future project. But after I finish the skull and the swamp scene I’m taking a break from organics and do some metal like an old train. Olaf should be happy I’m finally going to do a train.

Hey, nice :slight_smile:

Now sharpen those canines… a couple of pair of horns…


Add some red eyes and you could make the Terminator hehe