Metal slug tank

Finally, the last render.
Modeled and rendered in blender 2.56.
I added some post processing effects using blender nodes, such as glare, vignetting, color belance, etc…

HI-res image

Tell me what you think.

Here you can find the work in progress: W.I.P. link

Whereas if you’re interested I wrote a little tutorial on how to use the painting project and texture to the weathering of materials:


Beautiful !!!

Great Material and Tutorial - thanks for sharing your knowledge!

I think it looks sexy.

Dude. Nice model. I have never seen the blender texture paint mode used that well, if at all. I had a go at it a little while back and thought it was a bad tool, but you’ve just shown that you can get some damn nice effects from it. Well done, I love that image.

Also, you rendering is really nice, is that plain old blender internal? The tutorial images are very nicely rendered, got any tips?

nice render, amazing textures, cool.

really amazing render…

Excellent work.
I tried to put snow in the vehicle and on the walls. To be consistent with the scenario.
Apart from that is impeccable. :wink:

Perfect textures makes miracle :wink:

Very good work, good tutorial too.

Thanks, I really appreciate your comments :smiley:
If I can I’ll show you more tips and tutorial !

@Brookesy: Yes, I used only blender internal in this work (rendering and post processing). If you look at the end of the tutorial you’ll find the .blend so you can take a look at the settings :slight_smile:

@MAR71N: Why snow? It’s a very bright scenario, but there’s no snow :smiley:

The textures are missing from that blend file, did you pack them before uploading? File> External data > pack into .blend file.

Damn, thanks for the report, I thought that was packed.
I re-uploaded the right file, here it is:

Nice one, good material and lightning. I wish you made bigger render. 5*

i really like this sir :slight_smile:

well done :slight_smile:

meabe the lighting need much more work.

two thumbs up

Great work, and thanks for the Blend file!

The tracks coming out of “garages” led me to think that there was snow on the ground.

Good modelling and texture.