Metal Table, Drawer and Trolley Game assets

I’ve released some of my assets I’ve been working on for free on Gumroad. If anyone thinks it’s of value then a purchase would be very much appreciated however it is free and I’m just happy to get my work out there for anyone that might use it.
Feedback is very welcome.

All models are around 5k with the castor wheels taking up most of that. A few of the assets alone are about 1-3k so if you just want static props with no wheels these are very low poly for you. 1K maps (if requested I may add 2K at a cost).

My next goal is to make some custom substances in designer so I can take them into UE4 for better materials. Anyone who purchases this one will be added to a mailing list to receive the Substances for free.
The shots are rendered in Blender with a simple PBR setup and then composited to have the Blurred background like what Marmoset does ever so well.

Thanks. Scott.


more renders