i was just curious if i’ve got any fellow metalheads out here

It may not be my favorite, but I still love it. I love everything from 80’s thrasher to death metal.

i’m a fan of fall music.

in my metal category i have
blah blah

i wouldn’t clasify manson as metal, but i got his stuff too.
as well as
powerman 5K
white/rob zombie
blah blah…

100+ CD’s probably 30 are metal, or heavy rock.


The '80s were the armpit of the music industry.

I listen to music of all kinds as well. Actually, that’s not true. I don’t listen to country, pop, or rap. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here.

<; Guns n’ Roses
<; W.A.S.P.
<; Mike Oldfield
<; Steve Vai
<; Riot
<: Herald
<; Whitesnake
<; Bathory
<; Dream Evil
<; Thunderstone
<; Hammerfall
<; Arch Enemy
<; Helloween
<; Gamma Ray
<; Nightwish
<; Cradle of Filth
<; Children of Bodom
<; Bruce Dickinson
<; Apocalyptica
<; Sentenced
<; Stratovarius
<; Megadeth
<; System of a Down
<; Yngwie Malmsteen
<; Sentenced
<; At Vance
<; Within Temptation
<; In Flames
<; Manowar
<; Metallica
<; Led Zeppelin
<; Accept
<; Iced Earth
<; Van Halen
<; Skid Row
<; Disturbed
<; Kalmah
<; Judas Priest
<; Dio
<; Finntroll
<; Eternal Tears of Sorrow
<; Edguy
<; Blind Guardian
<; Iron Maiden
<; Metsatöll
<; Stormlord
<; Katatonia
<; Ozzy Osbourne
<; Papa Roach
<; Bon Jovi
<; Angra
<; Floggin Molly
<; HIM
<; Jack Off Jill
<; Grim Reaper
<; Dimmu Borgir
<; Tad Morose
<; Loits
<; Five Point O
<; Iron Savior
<; Gunnar Graps
<; Deep Purple
<; Seven Witches
<; Europe
<; Queen
<; Nevermore
<; Inearthed
<; PoisonBlack

Does this anwser your question?

don’t think we didn’t notice these :wink: busted :P. (unless deep pruple is also a heavy metal rather than an 80’s pop group :P)


No Skaheads around?

Skaheads? you mean skaters who listen to punk?

Punk sucks and skaters suck even more…

Correct. :wink:

No, I mean people with very short hair, big boots, listening to ska and reggae…



yeah bathory!! this old crap is great
btw HIM?? oO??

i like:
Kovenant - Animatronic
betray my secrets
sins of thy beloved
in flames
lake of tears (more rock i think)

only to tell a few
but metalhead? no i listen too much other music wich isnt metal

I like brass and copper, but I can’t stand steel


Him has some good tones, I don’t listen to him at all… I think he remade a song called “Wicked game” or was it his song… can’t recall…
Him has a bit weak sound and vocal… which makes them a bad band…

BATHORY - too bad the vox is dead, I really love viking metal and listen to bathory very often… there are 3 albums that I like the most, Nordland I, Nordland II and Blood on Ice… I play his songs on guitar and get inspiration…

there are many bands I like, and I have some missing from the list, but one thing for sure I haven’t missed in my list… Manson, Slipknot and Korn…
Total crap, they can’t make anything original… eeehh…

In fact I like most “handmade” music. I like people who have the talent to entertain people with music. I’m old enough to enjoy different kind of music. But I still love Ska… (not skating!!)


Linstening to Nightwish, Wishmaster
Metalhead? Me? Nooo…

But seriously, I love metal. I listen to Nightwish, Metallica and Rammstein all the time. Those are my favourites at the moment, but there are other bands, which are quite good, but usually have just one or more good songs, so there’s no point in bying their CD’s.
Xintoc mentioned a few bands I find interesting, I should check them out…

Try 60’s, 70’s and 80’s ROCK group. The Ritchie Blackmore-Ian Gillan line-up of the early 70’s is one of my all time favourite group, what a sound they had.

Well, I like older and newer metal myself, from the range of Ozzy to Edge of Sanity, but I’m not so much into metal music as I used to be, I happened to notice, that there are good songs in other genres too.

But I would like to state here, that Dan Swanö’s “Moon Tower” is the best metal record ever made. I pity everyone who hasn’t heard it.

I’m into handmade music too, actually… I don’t like that computer-made shit…

Xintoc mentioned a few bands I find interesting, I should check them out…

Some of them are Estonian metal bands and some are old bands which have changed there names, like Children of Bodom was Inearthed before.
And Herald is a good Estonian heavy metal band(you should check out Herald’s “Batalion Berserk”, “Heavy metal wakes the beast”, “hell brigade”,
“my jugment cometh”, “The swarm, the hive, the empire”, “Bloodhounds on my trail”)

Between the Buried and Me
Darkest Hour
Poison the Well
The Red Chord
Black Dalia Murder

Just some of the few I like that haven’t been mentioned yet.