metaphysics wallpaper (1o24x768)

(kerosene) #1


here’s a wallpaper with my metaphysics scene.
(new (~500k)

have phun :slight_smile:

(0ptikz) #2

Hey Kero,

LOVE the design, your post production skills are, as usual – Immaculate. The overall look and feel is very cool!


(acasto) #3


(SKPjason) #4

Wow… this piece is such a nice melding of 2D and 3D… great color scheme that is quite soft on the eyes… very futuristic and “clean” in feel… As always looking at your work is a humbling experience… You Are Da Master!!!

Jason :smiley:

(LohnS) #5

WOW is all i can say, its great, on my wallpaper as we speak. And as some1 said up above, love the futuristic design.

(jorx) #6

I love Gimp and Blender! How’d you do some of that Gimp stuff, such as the vertical lines?

(kerosene) #7


first: tnx to everybody for the nice comments joy :slight_smile:

second: the vert. lines are made like this:

  1. create a black layer in the size u wish
  2. add an alpha map (white->100%, black->0%)
  3. fill this alpha map with a repeating black/white sequence
  4. apply the map
  5. done :slight_smile:

if u need any further explanation, just ask.