Any RC plane guys here making models for FMS? There’s a few I’d like to make but I’d rather not mess with Metaseqoia if I don’t have to. Be great to find there’s an export script for Blender.

you can surely export as OBJ and import in Metasequoia. At least I used to do so. Formats available used to be -in metasequoia, now is freeware, before only was the LE version- for import: OBJ, cob, x…

If I remember well, OBJ is ok to go unless you need vertex colors, if so, you’d need to export as COB or X, but dunno if you can export in those formats from blender, with or without some user made plugin, and if those exporters here support vertex colors… The formats do.

I guess you should be ok with OBj, tho there are some neeeded tricks in import (join mesh on or off in dialog depending on what u want, and it 'd rortate axes depending on what you set there)

should be no probs

Thanks, I’d just about given up on this!