Meteor crash (Update: mblur test)

Here’s a short meteor crash avi. I know its pretty unrealistic but it’s wasn’t supposed to be realistic, as it was kind of a test project and I thought that looked cool. :wink:

I finally found the edit button. Yay. :slight_smile:
So, another update: Adjusted the particles a bit and used mblur.

wow, thats great,

maby the lights should go out though on the street lamps,

but very nice :o

maybe turn on lense flare might look a bit more realistic.

But an awsome image i just didnt like how the video seem like its on a set not expansive enough(the terrain i mean.

Awesome use of the WAVE effect. Great job. The texturing of the crated, the red/yellow glow, was also fantastic.

Only real crit I have is the stuff that falls after the impact seems to take too long. Should be more shrapnel/stuff flying around and falling faster.

Exceptional job.


Really well done. I especially like how the tree gets stripped of its leaves. I give it three smilies :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


i like i like.

but one crit … the street lamps stay on even when there flying off. apart from that its great.

That was awesome! The street lights are a bit off, at one point, the bulb is on and not even attached anymore. Other than that, it was beautifully done!

that is nice. how did you let the wave affect the street lights?

very cool effect! did you used wave on the ground plane? very cool indeed.

Yeah, that’s a nice effect :D. I like it the way it is.

that is nice. how did you let the wave affect the street lights?

I used vertex parenting.

Yeah, the ground area is too small but when I tried extruding it messed up the vertex keys.

About the lamps, I knew I had forgotten someting :
Note to self: turn off the flying lights.
I’ve got to admit that the flying flare effect seems a bit odd :o

And thanks for commenting!

DUDE, THAT’s REALLY AWSOME :o :o :o !! Brilliant work man! If I could make such a animation than I think I have accompliched my goal in life :smiley:

Could you please write a tutorial or do you know a place where I can find a tutorial to create such a animation?

Is there a simple explanation how you created the animation of the leaves?

That’s just…simply…amazing. You don’t see animations like that every day! :smiley:

I think a video tutorial of this would be great, oh wait a second, someone has put up a video tutorial on making video tutorials! :slight_smile: I guess you have no excuse now, gotta give the people what they want :smiley:

I’m also calling for a video tutorial.

Great work.

Is there a simple explanation how you created the animation of the leaves?

The leaves in the tree and the flying leaves are actually two separate things.
The tree leaves are created with a mesh and dupliverts (mesh taken from the tree and modified). When the explosion comes, the leaves hide and a particle emitter (with dupliverts on) creates flying leaves (with a z-force applied). I havent found a proper way to stop the leaves when they hit the ground, I use particle deflecting but the leaves tend to pass through the ground :frowning:

Perhaps I could make a tutorial when I get access to the .blend. Never made one. :stuck_out_tongue: Won’t probably be a video tutorial, though (dont have a microphone and nobody would understand my english anyway :))

Im getting an error when I try to open it…first it said I dont have a suitable decompressor and now its saying “ClassFactory cannot supply requested class” :-?

Timmah_45: Make sure you have the latest divx and xvid codecs installed. I don’t remember which one the avi is.


That’s a awesome animation!

Damn, can’t open it! Have you used some obscure codec? Tried QuickTime, WMP, Real without luck…