Metric was suggested at Blender Cookie. Doesn't work?

I’m preparing a model for 3D printing. I wanted to run it through Netfabb and see if some of the errors I’m receiving in the Print3D settings will still pass in netfabb.

I used the metric system and I’m printing something very small. It’s about 2 inches and I’m using 1.2 mm thick walls for the printing.

Yet, when I export the STL it comes in at .03 mm wide and .05 mm high. What gives?

I can’t say what’s happening with the exporters, but have you checked that the X/Y/Z scales are all 1/1/1 when you press N :

If they’re not on 1/1/1 it means that you have then rescaled the object while being in Object Mode, and in such case you then need to apply this scaling transformation by pressing CTRL+A -> Rotation&Scale (or Object -> Apply -> Rotation&Scale)

Scales that are not 1/1/1 can throw off some functions and tools , and possibily export wrongly

Object scale is not 1,1,1 most likely. Properties panel (N) to check it, ctrl+A -> scale to apply scale.
Scale is arbitrary anyway and you probably have to provide it when you import the model.

I’ve applied my scale. Scales are all 1, 1, 1.

EDIT: Further clarification. Before I posted anything, I watched the BC tutorial and in fact learned to apply my scale before I started modeling (I started with a 1x1x1mm cube and applied the scale so that it was 1,1,1,). Scale was applied before posting.

because inches isnt metric

Nice trolling. I’m using metric as stated.

EDIT: I did reference inches but I put it in the metric units as said in my second paragraph, third sentence. Even though that might be confusing, I tend to convert things in my brain to inches even if I’m using the metric system.