(ArmchairArmada) #1
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I decided to spend a few hours over the course of a couple of weeks to create this Metroid. He’s a fairly simple design with procedural textures. This was made in anticipation for Metroid Prime 3. Oddly enough, though, we’ve had the game for a couple of weeks already and I still haven’t played it any. :eek: I need to get around to doing that.


(Myke) #2

Cool stuff! I’m a huge Metroid fan myself, yet I live in Europe and still have like 1 month till it eventually comes out…

Nevertheless, you did quite a good job here, especially with the outline glow and the inner organs of the metroid. The teeth’s material could be improved a bit (right now, it doesn’t really look like teeth to me…probably to much specularity or something) but other than that…

Now go and make a cool Samus model :wink: