Mexico - Italy

(S68) #1


another (valid) goal made null…

Is this
------------ Later on ------------
1 -0 SOB!!!


(fullback) #2

I’m beginning to wonder that myself.

Mexico’s goal was well taken though.

(S68) #3

Ya, that was a very good one…


(fullback) #4

Italy goes on!

I think Del Piero’s goal should have been disallowed. He was clearly offsides — giggle, giggle, (audible laughter) :smiley: :smiley:

(Schlops) #5

Del Piero, who else??? (And fullback, you’re right. Offside Ref, OFFSIDE!! Gosh, those refs in Korea and Japan, urrgghh [Kib we nedd a puke smiley])

Congrats Italy, congrats Stefano! See you in the semi-finals! :wink:
Nevertheless I’m sorry for Croatia.

(S68) #6

Ufff relief

Let’s see next turn…


(gargola) #7

Go Italy!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

(fullback) #8

End of first period: Poland 2 — US 0

We suck!

I think I will go shave my head with a cheese grater.

(hannibar) #9


Belgium foes to the second round after a fantastic 3-2 against Russia.

(fullback) #10

Congratulations Hannibar!

US gets in because Portugal lost to Korea.

I still think we suck!

(gargola) #11

come on fullback,they are not that bad!

(fullback) #12

I know. I just tend to look on the bright side of things. :smiley: :smiley: Maybe it could better be viewed as a “wake up call”.

Still, if the US plays like that against Mexico, they will get their jockstraps handed to them. At least we don’t have to play Italy.

That S. Korea/Italy match should be a nail-biter — nothing like having home field advantage, right?

(gargola) #13

he he he! :slight_smile: let’s cross our fingers(i don’t like Mexico :x )

(fullback) #14

Neither do I.

Blanco and that stupid move of his is wearing a little thin. Jumping around like a friggin kangaroo with the ball between his legs. Enough already! :x

(gargola) #15

right! can’t he do anything new?sucks! he he he! :wink:

(Schlops) #16

Congrats fullback! Mexico will be a hard match (no help from Korea ;))
Congrats hannibar! Now beat the hell out of Brazil! Willi Wilmots rulez!
OMG, only eleven hours left till Germanys next match. Guys I’m getting nervous.

(gargola) #17

good luck Schlops! :smiley:

(Schlops) #18


Germany - Paraguay 1- 0
Lot’s of patience needed, but Germany advances to the next “level” :wink:
fullback, now it is your turn, just beat Mexico to meet me in the quarterfinal.

(fullback) #19

Congratulations Schlops! Go drink a beer (or 2, or 7 8) ).

Actually, I must admit I didn’t watch the game (have to get some sleep this week). I was hoping to view the Enlgand/Denmark match because my heritage is English/Danish (one of those weird loyalty things) but ESPN pulled a fast one on me. Instead of football they are showing something entitled, “The World of Saltwater Fishing”. At 4:30 in the morning for Pete’s sake! ESPN’s executives must have had the pressure put on them by the all powerful “saltwater fishing” lobby. God hates me!

Could you imagine what would happen in your country if a programming change like that was made with no warning or explanation? It wouldn’t be pretty would it? Only in America.

If, by some miracle, we do manage to advance, I can only ask that you guys don’t run up the score on us. :frowning: he he he

(fullback) #20

Halftime: Limey’s 3 Denmark 0

A bit of a surprise here, Denmark looked strong in the 1st round and England hadn’t really found their scoring touch.

I wonder if we will be hearing from Mr. Tripod soon?

Had to get the game breakdown online. Thanks ESPN! :x