Meze 99 Classics Headphones | Industrial Design

Hey guys; I’m back, its been a while. I hope everyone is doing great. I’d like to share another university project I just finished for my Advanced CAD class.

The task was to realistically model and render a pair of pre-existing heaphones. I chose these: Meze 99 Classics. We had to use Autodesk Fusion 360 for the modelling, as it is a CAD class. I used a cloth simulation in Blender to add the ridges and deformations to the ear cups.

And, I rendered it with the latest Luxcorerender pre-release version. I hope you guys like it.


Hi, excellent work. Can I put some of these into our gallery at If you agree, which name should I use to credit you, and do you want me to link to a portfolio/website?


hey sure thing you can post them to the gallery, thank you!

there are some higher resolution renders on the Luxcorerender forums here: if you want to use them.

you can credit me as Milan Momiroski and my portfolio is:

You Rock Man !

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Great, I added them in the “product visualization” section.
Unfortunately we have to keep image memory footprint small so the loading times are not too long, so we can’t use the high resolution pictures with all the details in the gallery.

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thank you! thats no problem, I understand.

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Thank you Bart!

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lovely model and rendering!

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thank you! i’m glad you like it. The rendering was done in luxcorerender if you were wondering, it is a great rendering package.


I really like your work, well done!
When I see your render, that make me want to try Luxcorerender.

I have a question, how did you setup your background (color or texture) and your lighting on the pic below?!

Thank you,

Gorgeous work man, great job

amazing work man

That’s some sick rendering. I would love to see cycles render pitted directly against luxrender though to see what advantages it might have.