Mi-24 Hind (Russian Heli)

I love military stuff. After 5 years I decided to finally model something the right way with proper edge loops. I’m very happy with this. Will be working on the texture next.
More of my work here. Been on blender for about 5 years but haven’t been around this forum much as I’m actually a professional game programmer.

This looks great man. Very nice work.

Awesome job! great missiles and rotors :smiley:

Very nice work, it looks low enough density to use as a game model even.

Updated with a test texture at the top of thread.

Looks great. But this thing can’t land. :smiley:

It’s lovely! I’ve always loved these big ugly Russian copters.

Ugly?? Its a flying tank man. Its beautiful. And it doesn’t need to land, you cant kill from the ground ahaha. Na i’ll put the gear in eventually.

Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think the Russian copters are beautiful because of the their ugliness. There isn’t anything dressed up about them. They just have what they have to have, even if they have some weird looking stuff. And that makes them beautiful.
They have nodules, like all great flying things. The f4, the me262, the 688 attack sub, Soyuz… nodules is where it’s at.
But at a prom, this thing would be left for Airwolf and her prom king, the f22.
I still prefer the Hind.