Miami Vice - Logo remake

Hi there,

started another little project.
Remake of the good old Miami Vice logo.
Just some quick drafts to get some opinions.
Perspective or orthographic view? Day or nighttime?
What do you think? Let me know.

cleaner nighttime-perspective + stars + few more details

I prefer the perspective view - it conveys the relative size of the buildings better.
And nighttime lighting shows off the colours nicely.

A cleaner render for the type would be better though I think. It’s the AO pass
only isn’t it? I never cared for the clean look of approximate AO, but in this
case I think it would suit.

Thanks for your feedback,
check the first post for updates.

Like the colors at night, too. But will do both versions in the end i think. Perspective though.
Those first pics were just 25 samples with cycles, so they were a little noisy.
For the letters i have two lights, a plane for the gradient specs and a sun for the subtile dropshadow and additional specular highlights on the chrome material.
The buildings receive environment lighting in addition to their emitting materials or spotlights.
Feel a bit like i already have gone overboard with detail on the buildings. Or maybe i should add even more for a High-Res version. Some people and cars driving along?