I just got a new mouse. I like it. Its optical…it can see.


The best part is no more gunked up balltrack!

What kind u get?

Optical mices rule my world.

Yeah, gunked up ball track is what happened to my last one.

After like 45 min in Best Buy, I decided on the classic MS Explorer. I was looking at the new MX sersies by Logitech, but they didn’t have any in stock. I also considered those Gyro mice. I thought holding it in the air would be cool…but didn’t think it would work well for Counter-Strike. So I went with the tried-and-true (and less expensive) mouse.


I got my Son a mouse, and it STINKS!!! Now my hubby says I have to let him stay in the house because 1) it’s getting cold outside and 2) an orange cat knocked his cage off the table outside, and he escaped (and nearly got jumped by the cat) but my hubby chased away the cat and the mouse was too fat to run away fast, so he got him back in the cage.

Now he is stinking up my living room.

Take it from me, don’t get a mouse, they stink, get a snake, they don’t.

Just thought you might like this information when looking into getting a mouse.

Love Ingie

if your mouse stinks and is fat, then it seems you should read some books about mice and how to keep them. They don’t have to stink, as far as I know. :x

LOL Don’t worry about him, he’s very fit, just was stunned. I was trying to be funny. Also, NO, They stink, I tried all kinds of products, My daughter used to have a mouse, and it didn’t stink, I think it’s a individual basis kind of thing, because as far as I know they were both males??? But maybe I was wrong, and her’s was a female???

Anyway, Don’t worry about Jack, he’s a happy rodent… we still love him, I was just hoping that the patio would work out! Ugh!

hm, what kind of fragrance does he produce?