michael schumacher

as was requested in my sketchbook, i put this portrait also here in finished projects. a portrait of michael schumacher, intended to look like a clay sculpture, the surface texture in all objects is mainly sculpted (simply by using different brush settings for the claystrips brush), only the very faint details are given by the material, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Great job, very life like, the way you did the eyes is very good, and so does the shape of the lips and mouth.

Really nice sculpt. Congratulations.

Really nice modeling!! it really looks like him! :slight_smile:
The clay material looks also good!
The light is a bit straight… One or two more emitters, with slight change of colors, or a HDRI as sky light, just to add depth and enviroment, would make it better… But for the model part, *****!

5 stars from me.

Great job Doris!

Astounding work, doris! The resemblance is very good, and I especially like the eyes. Both your hard and soft models are convincing. I agree that perhaps a different lighting setup could create a more interesting image. Terrific work in any case, and I think the red background is the perfect choice in its simplicity.

excellent, very convincing

Very nice work. Lets hope he recovers from his accident soon :slight_smile:

renderluz, thank you, i am glad the eyes work, they are most important in a portrait :slight_smile:
yii7, thank you :slight_smile:
secrop, thank you for constructive critique. i tried better, see blow …
ryeath, thank you. very appreciated.
bernardo, thank you :slight_smile:
james, thank you, yes of course somehow it had to this red, has it not …?
kemmler, thank you. very glad it is :slight_smile:
peter18, thank you. yes we all hope, and wish best recovery for him :slight_smile:

and, i tried to improve the render, following suggestion of secrop, and wile i was at it, and it took so much time,lol, i thought i add another view for your pleasure. i hope the renders are better now :slight_smile: (part of the problem was the cap, as it creates so strong shadow…)

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Cool, your head is very realistic, great work.

thank you 3dlslider :slight_smile:

Just outstanding in my opinion, doris. After that illustrious career it was suppose to be a nice retirement. Sadly I guess not.

5 stars for me, damn good again :wink: :slight_smile:

It’s an excellent sculpture, and very natural looking in every detail. Great job. But, for me, I can’t recognize it as M. Schumacher. Is it just me?

theoldghost. thank you…let’s hope for the best…
sumolondo, thans for the stars :slight_smile:
zagupi, thank you. …i know that some thought it might be bill clinton, they have similar facial structure…

It’s was already good in the first rough from the Dyntopo thread, but the finished version is really nice with all the additional items (cap, headphone, etc…), congratulations !

amazing posts, as expected from you Doris.
About his brows, I think they should look a little different. Not this way strong. Thinner is some areas?
well, it is how we try to translate photorealism into sculpting.
This is always a subject for a good conversation.
Not many 3d artists realize that to sculpt on a clay like (or marble, or bronze) material is quite different than projecting textures going after some photorealism.
Tweaking materials is like tweaking sculpting.
We have to live with it.

sanctuary, thank you… yes i feeled this time i needed the accessories, for composition as well as for making clear it is not bill clinton …
thank you, michalis :slight_smile: … yes, sculpting something that should represent clay is different from sculpting something that should ressemble a marble sculpture and again different from photorealism sculpture that gets textured… this challenge is what fascinates me, even before applying material it should be visible in the raw sculpt what the intended material is , i think you are right about the brows, i admit i had not paid enough attention there. i was rather quick sculpt (just the face i mean),no excuse though ,just a note…

Damnit Doris, you’re too good. Everytime I think I’m getting better you go on and show me that I still got a mountain to climb. 5 stars.