Mickey Mouse model

Decided I wanted to make a mickey mouse model. Can’t exactly remember why though… :confused: Comments, Suggestions, and Critiques welcome!


Which Mickey design? He changed over the years, particularly in the late 30s (eyes) and early 40s (body shape and proportions).

I think it is almost the original. Here is the reference image.

If you plan to animate him Mickey is a tough 3D character because his ears don’t really correspond to a 3D shape. His character sheets and “style” define his ears as ovals that always face the viewer. It’s a little tough to address in 3D.

But I do like what you’ve got going on so far.

BTW, your images are showing as broken links for me. If I right click and choose Open Image in New Tab I get a Google Sites page with a link to download the image.

Ok, I will try to find a different host. Thanks for the tips, I was planning on animating it a little more like in Mickey Mouse Club House where it is obviously 3D toon and the ears move like they seem they should. If I were to animate it like it was originally, I think I would make them as (a) separate object(s).

I was watching “Micky Mouse Club House” with my daughter and thinking about the poor artist that had to figure out his ears.

Yeah, if you wanted to animate his 3D ears in their 2D style you’d definitely need to be working in a high end application that gives the artist complete control of the character, not just based on the mesh but also allowing procedural geometry. Something like… I don’t know… maybe Blender? :smiley:

Finished the head for now, might go back and do a little tweaking later…

Maybe I will just model him and request a rig on blendswap… Gotta be someone out there that can do it well

Finished the boots and hands, added a tongue and did some more tweaking. What do you think?

Added some quick materials and a tail. Here is a test render in cycles. Turned out pretty well actually, much better than I thought it would! Plus it was fairly quick!

Made a nice studio! rig it and render in some nice positions! :smiley: Love to see it !

Thanks Kramon! I will work on that! Unfortunately I am awful at rigging so it will be a challenge, but I will give it a go!

Very cool. :slight_smile:

The final model render with compositing. Now on to rigging!

It looks great, but it will always look like a DOLL of Mickey Mouse unless you get the ears constantly aligned to the camera.
I know the Mickey Mouse Club House is the look you’re after, but if you look again you will see the ears are always aligned no matter how his head is turned. As an archetype, Mickey Mouse is those three ovals in a certain arrangement. Anything not embodying that is a sort of Not Quite Mickey.

Exactly. Me too. And boy does the family start to gloss over when you try to explain it to them…

Wouldn’t be too hard. :stuck_out_tongue: Just don’t attach the ears to the body and have the heads of the ear bones at the center of the head and attach some type of trackTo constraint on it to always look at the camera. :wink:

P.S. Sorry to revive this thread. :wink: