Microphone Render

I used no image textures mostly only the principled shader and only did a tiny little but of texture node editing for the Microphone wire gauze.


Very nice!

I would … turn up the brightness a bit, or add a light. It’s a little dark. It would be nice to see a gleam as it catches the light.


Looks good to me.

a single point and the effect is subtle

I’d use an area from the side myself. Maybe tint the light a tiny bit blue.

Modelling looks solid, but the render is a little bland and grey. I’d agree with the comment above, and add a more interesting lighting setup, which will better catch some of the reflections, and details.


Try with HDRIHaven studio lights. :stuck_out_tongue: If you don’t want to download them I can render it for you.

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Very good HDRI! It however defeats the “desktop wallpaper” feel I was going for and it shows up imperfections in the model itself:(

You can use transparent render and put it on whatever background you want.

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Much better, look how it has brought to life this clip:

Great model! The lighting improved the render by a great deal. Perhaps take it a step forward and focus on Post Pro a bit more. Add some subtle film grain, touch up the glow etc

Also, have you tried Filmic Color Management? Might take the scene to a whole new level.

Keep it up, it’s a cool shot!