MicroRender 1.1 is out

Hello, a new version of MicroRender is available: http://www.msbsoftware.it/microrender
New features are: Depth of field, Alpha channel and improved adaptive GI for a even better quality at the same rendering time.
A detailed roadmap was defined and posted in the “Features” page.

Woot, amazing update! The DoF looks great and renders blazing fast (as everything else in this renderer)

However I think I found a bug, it seems that the “This layer only” shadow option for the lamps is no longer working.
The monkey heads in the background are all on layer 2 while the ground, main monkey and area lamp is on layer 1.

It is super easy to get realistic results with MicroRender, I really love it :smiley:

good job, Faxrender. :slight_smile:

looks good. :eyebrowlift:

Nice Faxrender! I really like this renderer. Glad to see a good update like this. I have been playing with the first version’s demo.

lookin good!

Personally, I will wait on a purchase till after volumetrics.

Wow it is very fast but GI is not working. If i give a sphere a emitt material, the sphere does not emit the things around it :frowning:

Edit: Ok i found the option…

CMOS, if you’re going to use spheres for emitters make them as lowpoly as possible…

MicroRender(Ur) can have up to 512 emitters
(and 512 faces is how many faces 1 default uv sphere has,
but an emitter can only be quad faces…
so… actually the default sphere is 448 emitters)

Also, Faxrender told me that going over 200 Emitters can cause the render to slowdown, so…
try staying under that…
what you can do is use cubes instead of uv spheres,
or if you want it more round subdivide a cube then “transform it to sphere”,
that will give you 24 faces/emitters per cube.
mostly use planes 1 emitter

This render engine is looking really nice, and the new features are ones asked for in any renderer now. I personally can’t use the renderer as I am using exclusively Linux, though I am hoping you can get it compiling under Linux.


What about Motion Blur?