Microrender not working

I could find no support for microrender so Ill ask here
I tried to add it in 2 builds a 2.61 and a 2.62 and it will not show when i install it in addons. I see there the python icon just like always click on it / click install addon but it does not show. Any ideas why?

if you put the “render_micro” folder into the scripts/addons folder.

it should show up in user preferences Micro render
(make sure you have the latest MR version from website) i have tired it on several builds all work.
(i haven’t tried uR with 2.61 but i can confirm it works with 2.62 and 2.63 as well)

Thanks. I did put it in the folder but will check to see if its in the proper folder. Thanks

I had put the folder in the folder both in addons. So now I removed the extra folder and also pasted the python file only in addons. One of these fixed it.
Thanks again.

The render preview only worked once then just stopped.