Well, I finished it. For some reason, having a plane underneath the microscope (with raytrace on) crashes the render so I had to render without. At anyrate, its for a VR object I have to create for a class. Let me know what you think.

side note: 48 objects with a total of 201,832 polys

:o no crits, looks perfect to me! (Yaf ?)

Impressive render there, very photo-realistic imho. Nice work SpindleRift.

I think the three lenses are the best part of the render. They look great. Maybe add a small lamp to be able to better see the details on the large knob.

Very Well Done!!

I have still a lot of late themes. I must speed up with medicine and farmacology.


i agree that the 3 lenses look the best but

the shadows on the base look arb to me probably too many and the base itself looks wierd as well but that’s probably how it looks in real life anyway.

maybe add a basic environment if you have time like a lab counter or something

nice work tho

Wow, thanks for the responces guys!

Darko: thanks for the compliment! the scene was rendered with the internal renderer. It has 3 spotlights with raytrace shadows and a shadeless sphere just outside of clip range with a random picture from my hard drive for reflections.

Radishimo: Thank you very much! I’ve put about 20 hours into this thing over the last few weeks. I’m glad you liked it.

blenderanim: Thanks, I agree with you on both your points. I like the lenses the most too, and I’ll try some extra lighting to bring out the detail in the black areas.

Burt.S.: Haha, well, thanks for the reply, but I’m afraid I have no idea what your talking about! :smiley:

artz0r: Thanks for the suggestions. I have 3 lamps each at 120 degrees from the next. I did this because its going to be a VR object and needs to be well lit from each side, though I may turn shadows off on 1 at your suggestion. The base is pretty close to as it was in my reference picture, with a little artistic liscence taken. As for the environment, I’m going to stoe this away as an object right now, rather than a scene. I’m sure it will find its way into future scenes.

Your attention to detail is astounding. :slight_smile: Although it has already been said, I would like to see all the details on the knobs and the other black portions.

I can’t wait to see some more of your work.