Microsoft Mouse, Ubuntu, and Bluetooth

I’m trying to get my dell laptop (with Bluetooth) to link up with my Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse (that’s a lot of m’s) in Ubuntu 7.10. Anyways, I did a few searches online and saw the same tutorial about three times. It looks like a good, well written tutorial, but I get stuck on the first step when it says to set the mouse to broadcast its signal, and run the command,

 hcitool scan 

I get stuck. In the examples, the command spits out something along the lines of:

MOUSE_ADDR Microsoft Mouse 

However, my computer just says:

 Device is not available: No such device 

Scrolling down to the troubleshooting sections of the tutorial(s), I have edited /etc/default/bluetooth so that BLUETOOTH_ENABLED = 1, and HIDD_ENABLED = 1.

Does anybody have any idea why hcitool scan isn’t working? Thanks, and Merry Christmas!