Microsoft Surface Pro 7 for sculpting


how good is the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 for Sculpting with the pen?

I’m currently considering to buy a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with an i5(or perhaps with i7) to sit outside in the evening and sculpt with it. So for that, I would like to know, how good the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is for sculpting at the moment. The latest post I found on the internet is from March and all I did read, was that it worked, but not how good it worked.

It would make me really happy, if someone could say, how good that works.

And just so, that I know of it, is using a pen instead of a mouse for sculpting in any way better?

I apologize, for my bad/not so good english and have a nice day.

Are you concerned about the speed or the usage style?

About the speed, you can check various benchmark results and make some assumptions about how fast it runs. Though not exactly helpful to make you understand how it performs, if you want to see the real feel (the usage) you will need to see it in action.

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Thank you. That was very helpful from you. I checked one of the videos and at it looked like, it performed quite a bit good.


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I do have now the surface for about a month and it’s great for the modeling outside.
If the sun is shining directly at the display, then I can’t see, what I’m doing, so that’s a problem. But that can be a problem even with a laptop.

I did buy me the surface pro 7 with an i7-processor, so that could be a great plus for itself.
I modeled on an object, which had 112.000 faces and even added faces through dyntopo and the surface was operating, for my eyes, smooth.

Even after a few reinstalls, I could just install blender and use it with the pen out of the box.

I hope, I can help someone with this information

hey, how is going? i bought the suraface pro 7 i5, iam very happy with it. i tried the sculpting with it. the performance is okay, but i cant use it because i cant set any settings if i only use the surface pen and the tablet. do you use the keyboard as well?

Hi, for sculpting only, I use only the pen and tablet. I use more of the basic settings there, but thats ok for me.

If I am going to use other things besides sculpting, I switch to keyboard and mouse. Most often I switch then to my desktop-pc as well, because it is a little bit stronger in terms of graphic power.

What settings do you want to set specificaly?