Microsoft to use the Xbox 360 to profile its users to restrict/unlock content?;title

And it’s not just physicalogical traits like intelligence and hobbies, but also weight and health parameters as well. These can then be used by Microsoft to restrict your access to certain things on the Xbox 360 like games, game levels, and chatrooms and could also be used to unlock things if you meet certain health parameters.

This could easily turn the Xbox 360 into a game console that profiles all gamers on various lines and could bring serious invasion of privacy and even ridicule if it changes your online avatar, this could restrict or shut off your Xbox 360 experience just because you don’t meet a certain parameter.

This is the first thing from Microsoft I seriously oppose, hopefully they won’t go that route for Windows otherwise they’ll lose most of their market share and their money. I don’t have a 360, but recent decisions by Microsoft is starting to make it a bit less attractive to get one, if this goes through and Microsoft makes things like this mandatory, then I’ll await the day where they put up the monthly stats. and Microsoft sells a net total of 0 Xbox 360’s that month, I just don’t want to give possibly sensitive information away, I just want to have fun with the only thing going to Microsoft being the 10 dollars for an Xbox live game now and then.

A game console was once designed to just play games and give you entertainment, what happened along the way that allows things to come to this?


But this is the first thing from microsoft you oppose?
They’ve angered me for a long time.

Just think of it as real-life leveling up, with all the health and social benefits of being physically fit. Sounds like a pretty cool concept.

They’re probably getting ready to release a bunch of
natal motion capture type fitness games,
for example NATAL’s “Learn Karate” etc.
and having the profile pict true to life would be an extra incentive
to buy extra exercise games. Probably they’ll give prefix nicknames next,
like ‘fatty steve’ as extra peer pressure. :smiley:
I’ll bet they’ll have belligerant suggestions based on the natal scans, like:
“Your hindquarters are too fat, perhaps you may enjoy NATAL’s aerobics fitness program?”

I’m questioning how valid this claim really is.

Why would Microsoft (or any company) care about your health in the first place? Honestly, this sounds like another rumor that has been blown out of proportion.

They can track the data, but people would have to put it into games in order to lock players out and all that. Any game doing that would either be (1) a health-based game like the Wii Fit games or (2) a huge, stupid failure.

Also, parents might be able to use this to tie their childrens health to their ability to play games, thus giving the kids an incentive to be more active. I don’t think that would be a smart thing to do as far as the parents are concerned, but if people want to have a game console raise their children, and then have their children grow up expecting to have accomplishments and awards thrown at them for simply being ‘average’, then that’s fine with me.

Game companies might be able to use this information to create a character that more resembles you in the game - that would be a cool feature… But any company that decided they wanted to lock players out for being fat have a lot of law suits and some bankruptcy in their future.

Wait, an automated system that could lock dumb and immature people out of chatrooms?

/me is now a M$ supporter

I just think it’s funny they are going to force them to have true to life avatars :smiley:
Such as a fat person must have a fat avatar.
Perhaps Natals new 'Jog through the Country’ might be a fun game to loose the extra pounds?

Pack a lunch; it’s going to be a long wait.

Thanks to the right wing.
Now they can search emails.
check finances.
Arrest you and hold you without charges indefinitely.
and a few other goodies. The insane thing is that Obama signed it in.
Sorry to participate in a political thread that will probably be locked, but , this really sickens me!

Dude this was never a political thread. Can you read?
Maybe 12 hours in school will help ya to reed sum moa.

On with your TinFoil Hats!

Besides, I had more fun with my PS3 than my previous Xbox360, the damn Xbox didn’t work with anything, no card readers, no usb sticks, no adapters, no keyboards, no mouse, no browser BoringBox360…that was so annoying I sold it… the PS3 takes everything you throw at it, thats the way it should be…no payment for playing online either.

Not going to happen. Everybody calm down and go back to bed.

Yep. And I can’t see why Cyborg Dragon would oppose something like this. To think that this is exactly what right-wing politicians in the US advocate: Be healthy, don’t get sick, exercise often, eat healthy food… Otherwise, there’ll be no free health care for you. It’s too expensive.


Seriously, what industry would actively try to piss off their target audience?

Except, perhaps, good games :evilgrin:

kidding :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t own any consoles

Interesting dilemma. I am working on a game for girls right now. How do we keep out creepers, other than by profiling and researching backgrounds of players?