Another entry for cgsphere.



wow man, nice beast… modelliing is simple and clean, very good. and lightning setup is great

Excellent work mate, 5 stars.

Its “micro”, is it ? Never want to meet this in “macro” :wink:
5 stars

Very well done! Deffinately looks microscophic!


GREAT JOB!! The only crit whatsoever is the ground texture looks as if it is from a “macro” stand point…it could just be an EXTREMELY bumpy ground lol…but 5 stars all the way, superb!!!

Killer style! =) I’m really amazed at how a sphere would turn out to be like this. Gee, there’s lots of submission at cgsphere. Whew.

Thats cool but the hair is a bit uniform in colouring, that may be realistic but the seperation around the sphere is a bit hard to make out. Cool BTW

Great model, I really like the black and white effect. However, you might want to take another look at those pesky rules.

ABSOLUTE RESTRICTIONS RESULTING IN SUBMISSION REMOVAL: You must not, under any circumstances, modify the grid plane in any way (including the grid texture)