Midaera (Working title) - Looking for help

Very long thread incoming… Sorry…

So before I go into detail about my request for help, I want to give a little detail about myself first as to not seem like the youngins that “Totally want to make a rockin game and can’t do any of it so i need people here to do it for me. Cant pay you yet” you all see here.

I have been a professional software developer for 10ish years now and have been playing with 3D modelling (A relative gave me his copy of his TrueSpace around ‘95) and game development since I found BASIC. I then went to C++, played with 3D Studio, moved to .net. and web development. I then went to college and got a degree in cisco networks but ended up getting a job in programming somehow. On my free time i would play with any game engines I could find, bought books on OpenGL game programming, Game design, etc and have always wanted to make my own game…

A few years later…
I have had this goal and an idea to develop a game for some time now and originally I had wanted to do it solo. Mainly because I have an interest in about every aspect of game development (Programming, Modelling, Animation, Audio, Management, Etc) and I know a bit about it all but wanted to learn even more. I also wanted to go solo because I am probably a little crazy… Maybe a lot crazy, I dunno.

Well, I have came up with this idea for a game (story and game is suited for kids but playable by anyone) and it has become kind of a child of mine and I am a bit hesitant about sharing it (ok, another reason why i wanted to go solo). I have came up with a good bit of the story line and game play concepts already and currently working on modelling the protagonist(s) and townsfolk and coming up with the general feel for the world right now.

A little info on the game itself: World of Midaera (Working title)
A 3d, angled action side scroller with RPG elements (Think castle crashers, double dragon, battletoads, etc. Not the style, but the camera angle.)

The style of the game will be toon-ish and will be kind of Halloween time/Tim Burton style. Big moon, curly branches, etc.

“Midaera is the main village in the game world. It is a small village where the townsfolk are mostly clueless that anything exists outside of their town. There are only a couple people that know some stories of the outside world but they keep those stories to themselves and are mostly considered myths and legends. The town is a very magical place where kids have the strongest magic and that magic fades the older they get. Most adults in the game are limited to alchemy and some minor spells while kids have a mostly unlimited pool of magical energy and are taught at an early age to manage. The kids have a higher than normal aptitude for learning and are quick learners. Around the age of 12-14, they are at their peak and are smart enough to be chosen as protectors.

The town relies on the kids to protect them from outside evils. Since the kids are physically weak, they rely heavily on conjured creatures to attack their enemies and long range spells. The head of the town is known as the Argus and he has the strongest magic of all adults. He knows many things about the outside but keeps them secret as to not worry the townsfolk. When a recent ‘event’ occurs, the Argus is required to tell the town what happened and he has to choose two of the strongest children to venture out to protect the town. These two are a small girl and boy named Lili and Roland.

The two will have to face extreme dangers and overcome impossible odds to protect their town from the impending danger and they will ultimately find the ‘edge of their world and beginning of another’“

I have a lot more detail about the game but I just wanted to give an idea of what it is about. If anyone is interested and serious enough, I would be willing to share my project documents.

I have a good general knowledge of everything (except concept art, i cannot hand draw for the life of me. ) and can take whatever role is needed so I am not too particular on who wants to help. I do ask that you have some good experience in modelling/programming/audio/drawing/etc but I definitely won’t ask for a resume or portfolio or whatever. Just lemme know what you can do.

Initially I just want to make a ‘prototype’ in blender to feel out the game play and make some version of a trailer to raise awareness. I have not decided whether to go with an existing game engine or code one from scratch. I have coded a basic one in c++ before so i have the know-how but why reinvent the wheel? I doubt I will want to stick with BGE but if the game is easy enough to build and export to another engine, I’m game to try.

Ultimately I would like to try and sell the game assuming there is enough interest and potential. I am aiming for good, solid work and quality. I am a developer and designer by trade so QA is kinda built in to my brain…

Anyways, I’ll shut up for now. If anyone is interested (and still reading this post) please let me know via PM or post here and I would be willing to get in touch to discuss opportunities.

I love the Concept.
I love the Story.
I love the Pictures that come into my Mind…
… and I could do them, burtonesque as they shall be.
And I guess the Music would as well be rather dannyelfmannish? My SoundCloud, presenting very recent Works from me, might not show that, though in the Past I already have experimented with such a Style. Even though I guess these Experiments are most probably lost, I would like to make some Music (and other Sounds?) for your Game – maybe Concept Art as well, if that is required, though Model Blueprint are strongly against my own Philosophy (and of Course no one might know better how Things shall look than you do).

Some References. Illustrations for my own Stories.
~ http://casummer.eu/draw/lud06.gif
~ http://casummer.eu/draw/lud07.gif
~ http://casummer.eu/draw/lud01.jpg
~ http://casummer.eu/draw/lth_02.gif
~ http://casummer.eu/draw/at_rachelfrohlocke1.gif
~ http://casummer.eu/draw/at06.jpg

Ô, that might sound suitable! Had some elfmannish Inspiration on this one.
~ Klee der Fünf Petalen

Ô, and one more of my Illustrations:
~ Poéna, my sadistic Godess of Pain and Punishment

Third Edit:
~ Swing your Razor high, Sweeney!

Very nice work! And I haven’t quite thought much about the music but I would like it to have a similar feeling to the first minute and half of this song - I definitely can use someone to do sound effects and music.

I hear what you say about the concept art and I wouldn’t expect you to do anything you don’t agree with.

I’m at work currently but when i get home I can send you a PM with some additional detail and my contact info and we can discuss more.

Wow great concept this sounds amazing I would love to help but I am way behind in skill level compared to you.

It’s just a matter of time =-)

Ô, that might sound suitable! Had some elfmannish Inspiration on this one.
~ Klee der Fünf Petalen

That is great, and very very similar to what I had imagined! Pretty much the exact style of music i figured. I will be sending you a PM here shortly with some contact info and more details.

thats funny. This style is exactly what I had in my mind :0

Sounds like a great premise for a game.

And I really like the samples that C.A.ligári posted. I think that style would work perfectly with this game.

C.A.Ligari, I love the song "Of Five Clover Petals–I believe that’s the translation.

Mungoid, I might be able to do some monsters for summoning, but I’ll wait for your concept art.

Very close, Satoru. It is »Clover of Five Petals« – I have seen that only once in my Life, and me Silly broke it! -`_´-

So if a four leaf clover is considered by many to be lucky… What is five petals? Super lucky? And whats it mean that you broke it??? Bad luck? I want none of it! =-P

You don’t want Super Luck? ô0ô
The Main Problem is, the Superstition on 4petal-Clovers is Part of my Research & Investigation on Magic, so what I broke might have been an important Element of that Research – I’ll never know, unless I get another one and continue my Research.
Besides, in a non-anthropomorphical Way, Elves are real.

But I am gettin’ a Bit offtopic here…

Oh no no. I would love some Super Luck but you broke it, therefore its broken super luck. ;D

And I agree elves are real, I used to date one! Very picky

Just a quick question in your one post how do you have it so everything is outlined with a black line?

That image was just a render with edge turned on and set to like 30. There are some ideas for filters that we are going to play with to possibly achieve a pencil like outline but we haven’t gotten to that yet.

Edit: That damn head on commercial always gave me a headache. They said that like 10 times in 30 seconds… Was very effective lol…"

Hey, very nice drawings at post #2 C.A.Ligári! Please note I do not say that to anyone.

PS: Care to see some artworks of mine at my deviant signature link? Let me know what you think.

So I have kinda neglected this post for some time but I just wanted to update this and let everyone know that it is still alive and kicking! Below are some screenshots of the progress. (C.A. does awesome work! )







Promo video

We want to keep the team kinda small to keep things organized and not get too hard to manage but I am always open to offers of help. If you have a good talent for this style of art, feel free to send me a PM.

Also, we are currently looking to speed this development up so we have started a kickstarter project looking for funding to help pay for professional help. Regardless of if it succeeds, we will still work and complete the game but it will go much slower. If you are interested, please pledge your support! If you don’t want to donate but still want to help, spread the word!

Midaera on Facebook

Looks promising and exciting. I like the levels too, but that girl reminds me of that creepy movie ‘Caraline’. Nice work and good luck! :slight_smile: I recently made a thread on Kickstarter and the BGE, I really hope it works out for you.

looking forward to talking on facebook

@at C.A ligari. Wow thats some sick art! I don’t know the feeling I got when i saw the one with the dead fairy, just too epic! 1000 words yeah!

The video is very interesting, I don’t know how I missed it. I really hope you start getting backed more, it really is a nice game. Do you guys get to keep what’s backed even if it stays the same? I really hope you do, you deserve it. It’s quite a solid, professional video too, nice work.