Middle mouse got changed to roll, need it back to rotate

Not sure what buttons I hit and I can’t find info on this anywhere. Somehow I changed it so the 3d viewport spins when I hit the middle mouse and I need it to rotate. It only does this left to right, when I move up and down with the middle mouse the camera will rotate (up/down) around the object like is supposed to.

When I close the project and open up another or just the main screen with the cube, the camera rotates just fine, I did something in the screen and its driving me crazy. I’m almost at the point to just open up a new screen and import the objects but I want to know what I did so if it happens again.

Thank you for any help, this is driving me crazy.

File / Load Factory Settings
Look in the properties panel under View to see if yo have changed any of the default settings

Are you using the default blender settings, if not, what have you changed for your default scene
What blender versions and OS are you using
Supply a link to your problem blend file

I feel stupid, I figured it was something simple. The issue was I was working from the top view, not sure how I got rotated around. I changed it to the front and rotated the meshes as well, everything worked fine.

Sorry to waist your time but thank you for the help.