Middle Mouse Issue

Hey Blenderheads,

Blender 2.5 version alpha one is release, magnificent BUT

I am tired of looking and trying to make my middle mouse pan the 3d view and not rotate it and I will not change my habbit of pusing down the middle mouse button to pan the view.

What do I need to do to change it back in 2.5 alpha 1

please help,

best regards

ps: a link to a blender artist thread would do but I cannot find any

a guys, I was looking again, searching the net, google, blender.org, blenderartists, blender itself, personal preferences, NOTHING,

I really would like my middle mouse button to pan the view but I don’t now how to set it in alpha1

And I know you guys might say keep using alpha0, but that build is so slow on my old computer, that I don’t want to be stalled any longer, 2.5alpha one is fast, but no middle mouse

please help

Just to say to whomever might be stumbling along this thread that I finally found how to change it.
If you would like to know, let me know I’ll tell ya