(Monzta) #1

Hi guys!!!

Is there any way to move the middlepoint of meshes or curves???
Please tell me, it would be a great help!


(S68) #2

What do you mean with middlepoint?

If it is ono of the points which is not at one end of the curve… select it in Editmode and Move it (GKEY)

If it is the center of the curve then you can only ‘recalculate’ it to the correct center or move it to the cursor (there is a button for this in F9 window)

So… place your cursor and use it :slight_smile:


(CurtisS) #3

Select your mesh. Go to the Edit buttons (F9) and click the Centre New button to let Blender recalculate the object center OR place your cursor target (right click) where you want the object center to be and click the Centre Cursor button.

(Monzta) #4

Thank you!!! I very stupid question, but I had not have an answer…