MIDI Keyboard

I’m a beginner and I want to create a project of a midi keyboard.
What do you advice me ?
How should I start ? For now, I load the background image and I start to trace it.

Thank you


Your reference is slightly ‘skewed’ It is not perfectly horzontal. But ignore that and trace it in Blender with the corrections.

What I would do, is create the basic body, then add the knobs and keys.

Depending on how realistic you are going for, plan ahead for holes and certain shapes.

I use SubSurf, if you plan on that, mesh while SubSurf is on.

I made it before reading your post. It’s my first project, be clement please :slight_smile:

What can I do to improve it ?


Start over. It will probably be harder to improve it than to updated it.


Here’s the Blende File to get you started…