MifthTools Addon

Thanks for kind words guys. You can use Global rotate. Just switch off 2 checkboxes “RadialRotate” and “NormalRotate”.

I also added Random rotation and random scale.
Painting and other features will be soon.

About “remove Clones”:
Why do you need to remove clones? Could you explain this feature more?

DirectionRotate is made.

In a complex job where I add multiple clones as an example a forest. I decide to exclude some clones. I’ll have to do it manually which would make the drudgery. If there were a way to exclude certain number of clones / or set of clones would be ideal.

Hi. I added Multiple objects to clone. Just pick Multiple objects and clone them.


I moved the repository to Github.

Also, i added drawing for clones.


I added video how to draw clones.

Hi Mifth! I really like this addon, but i’m having some issues to install it, i download the zip from the Google Page and also from GitHub, but no one is working, like the software doesn’t recognice it… I have the Blender 2.72b version.


Hi mifth,
Thanks you so much for this sharing, it’s a great gift for begin the Year 2015!
I love specialy DrawClones! Good Luck.

@uruburel To delete very fast, there are a special add-on : “NP Fast Delete” Add-on from Lukas_t. and Okavango -> delete with one clic speedy!!!

Thanks. Good luck you too. :slight_smile:

Great add-ons thanks :eyebrowlift:

wow! thanks so much what a great addon!

  • Download from Github the archive
  • Unzip it
  • copy folder “mifth_tools” into your addons folder.
  • Enjoy. :slight_smile:

:yes: Absolutelly mifth, for me NO PROBLEM to install release 0.1on linuxmint Blender 2.73 Gooseberry last release! :eyebrowlift:

Thank you mifth, for sharing your fantastic add-on…!!

No problem. :slight_smile:

Added pen pressure parameters for relativeStroke, scale, scatter.

These all look really stellar, nicely done!

Thank you for sharing!

Thanks to all.

I found this video which demonstrates the power of mesh drawing:

I rewrote rotation fully. Now you can use NormalRotation value only to get such a result as at video.

Please update the addon on your local achine and try using NormalRotation.