MiG-15 warplane

Well, here’s the MiG-15 I posted in the past months in the Focused Critique section. It could still be improved, but I don’t have the skill nor the patience, after so much time with it. Nevertheless, I expect to post a couple more pictures with the plane in different national markings.

Modelled with Blender, rendered with Yafray.

North Korean MiG-15 bis, early stages of the Korean War.

Some things I don’t quite like:
The cable that connects to the rudder looks jagged, I tried tweaking the Antialiasing but couldn’t get it right;
The panel line at the bottom of the plane looks jagged too, it’s an UV mapping mistake, but the model has way too many polys and it would be quite difficult to correct.
The nose looks too soft, I used the WardIso shader and couldn’t get the right balance between brightness and hardness. Besides, given the angle of the camera, what looks fine from the side looks too dark from the current viewpoint. Same for the intensity of the bump maps.
And overall, It doesn’t look as real as I’d like.

I hope I’ll overcome all these things for the next render.

Thanks for looking :).

Well I can see the problems you’re talking about. But on the whole it is a very good scene :slight_smile: You did a real good job on the overall realism too.
I’d like to see some new paint schemes like you said too :smiley:

Very nice plane.

You have critted everything that I can see in your image yourself. Try and work on those issues and this will be a great piece.

As said above, the overall scene is very well layed out and looks good. Just needs that final push to make it great.


I love it! Keep plugging friend!