Migrating from 3ds MAX - I need some blender buddies

Hey guys, I’m new here and looking for some people I can throw some questions at.

Normally it’s like how do I do x that I used to do in Max.

Post your steam friends names!

Thanks guys :),


Ask your questions in the appropriate support forums. The answers given can then also aid other users who may have the same problem.

Hi Iconic,

Aidy Burrows here from annex2nothing.com

You might find some of the content I have available useful as I’ve presented a tutorial series (that will be growing) aimed at migrating Maya users. I initially studied 3D in University some years back with 3dsmax before starting work at a studio that uses Maya and so am familiar with how many of the practices and modelling concepts are quite similar between the programs.

The series can be found here…

however I might suggest skipping the start and potentially going through this section…

I hope you find some of that useful!