migration guides - xsi, maya, 3dsmax, lightwave, cinema4d

If you are a user of other 3d software it would be useful to have lists of keywords that Blender uses that a different word is used in a other major packages.

Ie see the ‘glossary of synonyms’ in this migration guide from Maya

It would be good to make similar pages for xsi, maya, 3dsmax, lightwave, cinema4d, and houdini.

Perhaps a spreadsheet ‘rosseta stone’ type page could be done …

Are there any Blender heads out there familiar with one or more of the above packages who would be willing to help out with such a project?


well i work in maya every day, but do you think it makes much sense
to create such a paper? most people dont even know the power of maya.
the best example are those blender vs maya threads.

as a pro i did not find it difficult to jump between both apps. only one thing
and that are the key shortcuts make it sometimes a bit tricky at the beginning. also as a pro you should know more than one definition of a word

from my expereince there is not a big difference between maya’s terms
and blender’s terms anyway. IPO and few other words are truly different but
i think this are only very few parts of blender.

i will take a look into it.

I agree to an extent because I don’t find it difficult to jump between them but there was a time I would have, so maybe people who are new to 3D could benefit. For example, they might be following the Joan of Arc tutorial, which was made for Maya and want to know where the polygon cut tool (or whatever) is and not know that in Blender it is called the knife tool.

Eventually, the software does become quite transparent because they all have similar features but it takes time to realise it and a glossary of terms might come in handy. The only problem I can see is that it would take a lot of time and which software would you compare it to? There’s 3ds, rhino, maya, modo, houdini, cinema4d and more.

c4d-ers shouldn’t be too much confused anyway.

btw it would be cool if blender could use more nurbs(???) parametric primitives, which could be then converted to editable mesh (similar to c4d).

the nurbs tools are in work, and as far as i know the first version of nurbana will only offer current tools, but the next version and here it somes should also have tools like trim stitch and fillets. that will make many product modeler happy, like myself.


wow, can’t wait for new features like those to come to blender. :smiley:

i guess this will be in one of the next versions but not soon!



I would not by any means consider myself a blenderhead but, if you come up with a format, I’d be willing to do my best to contribute to it.


thanks :slight_smile: I’ll post a link to a spreadsheet for now - a better format can be chosen later.


Wow, that’s great news gruvsyco! :smiley:
Thank you very much in advance!


I’m quite fluent with LightWave. I’d be more than happy to help out. :slight_smile:

gruvsyco, I just wanted to let you know I expressed my gratitude for your offer over to help also at CG Talk. You are indeed to be commended for offering your insight to this community. Here’s what I wrote:

I want to publicly thank gruvsyco here (since our Lightwave / Blender dialogue began here and continued slightly at Elysiun) for offering to help with a Lightwave to Blender migration guide. Such insight and cooperation is highly commendable and deeply appreciated!

More of these efforts are always welcome. If anyone else would be interested in helping out with other application to Blender guides/comparisons, please see LetterRip’s migration thread.

Thank all of you again for your feedback and interest,


a bit premature to be annoucing the call for help :slight_smile: Oh well I’ll post my rough outline version shortly…


I knew you’d be on the ball though :wink:

Many thanks also for your ever expanding efforts in all of this, LetterRip.


Here is a very preliminary versions - feel free to add whatever categories you want, fill in as much or as little as you want :slight_smile: I’ll take care of all merging and organizing issues, I’ll also be expanding and adding categories.


Email me your updated version at

LetterRip AT gmail DOT com

also you might want to post to this thread what sections if any you are working on in order to avoid duplication of effort (but not strictly necessary since the odds of two people working on the same stuff are low…). I’ll probably migrate it to the wiki eventually but for now I’ll keep it in the spreadsheet. It is XLS format for now since openoffice and MS Office can read it, let me know if you need other formats though.


Anyone working on this for trueSpace? Just wondering, trueSpace’s terms seem pretty general, I was wondering if this is gonna be more then just a term/key reference or if it was going to go as far as things like converting your work and such.

Sonic - I plan to do integrating with workflows/pipelines as well - Ie exporting blender fluids, importing models, etc.

If you could do truespace that would be great :slight_smile:


Well keep in mind I’m not a trueSpace power user but I’d sure like the help Blender out any way I could. I don’t have trueSpace 7 though, I’ve been burned too many times there, plus after using blender for about 5 months trueSpace is sooooo slooow and frustrating to me :confused:

I’ll look over what you’ve got already and try to find other trueSpace users on here (I know I’ve seen a few) and maybe see if they have some input.

Though I think the biggest thing for me comming from trueSpace was being used to only using the mouse to get around and not touching the keyboard. Also getting used to the texture/material system was akward at first so I’ll give it some thought and let you know.

I’m about halfway done adding LightWave functions (at least for Modeler). If anyone else is doing/has already done this, please let me know so that I don’t end up doing all this work for nothing. :slight_smile: