Mike's character sketch bag... There may be nudity.




I’m really really wondering why I do stuff at the moment…

These are the more “mainstream” of my personal style… which whilst it has personality is quite old school…

I feel like I’m on the edge of doing something cool as a private project, but the need to get commercial contracts creates a constant tension and pulls me in a different direction in pursuit of portfolio pieces… (These don’t go in the folio, they’re quick and “throwaway”)

sadly you can’t serve both masters… unless you can align them… ( I haven’t so far and feel most of the work for my folio is quite soulless as a result…

I have a big contract starting in a few weeks, so can “relax” about pursuing work… but i still need to flesh out my folio… or throw it in the bin (for now) and just pursue stuff for the hell of it (like the above dips its toe into…)

Cool… it aint! personal?.. not enough to satisfy!

At least it’s a journey!

PS these are all done in gimp

You have an amazing grasp of form and your use of shading is really neat. I have viewed your other works, and while you feel that your work is disjoint, I would love to have a collection like that. From these works, and your previous your style is obvious.

Yup, you speak my mind there.
This is the constant issue of the creative person (it’s the same for music, design, acting, etc etc). It is an old old problem.

I’ve tried to do both for years and ended up not doing either to a satisfactory level, and feeling burnt out. (As a result my Durian application is sparse to say the least)

But as far as your work goes, these are really good sketches, IMO.
They all have really clear characters with thoughts and attitudes.

One point I would make is there isn’t much diversity amongst those three images. I mean in terms of attitude. Have you tried doing a completely different attitude/character, like one that’s not so brooding and suspicious, but for example stupidly happy, or confused and bewildered?

Also, and sorry for the imbicillic question, but why are they all looking to the right?

@kbot, Thanks man!

I do draw other stuff with different emotions… However, these were all done when i’m in the same “state of mind” and under similar circumstances with little thought…

ha ha , I was wondering the same thing when I posted them… (EDIT: Ohhh look at my avatar! spooky!)

An animator friend (when we were both working on Eyetoy) commented that what we see as our “neutral or average” face (as typified by the “default” pose in 3d models of characters) is not remotely like what is seen by others… (the face in motion)…

This was highlighted because using the eyetoy development versions (it was a couple of years ago when I was working on that stuff) , when you go to the menus it takes a “candid” snapshot whilst the camera stops updating… Normally mid conversation…

each of these shots looked like we were in some kind of “gurning” competition…

Here’s some recent sketches, (mypaint charcoal tool this time)

I had this idea to do something like the a-team, but with monsters/mythology…
It’s a bit like putting a boy band together…

there’s the big guy, the crazy guy, the charmer, the grizzled leader…

Sadly I’ll probably never do anything with it, but it could be fun!

First up : The Big guy…( a minotaur) He can make anything with a blowtorch…

the crazy guy: ( a zombie… when you’re dead and falling apart it makes you a little crazy!


The charmer: (a vampire)… maybe a bit to vlad the impaler rather than ladies man at the moment…


The grizzled veteran: Frankensteins monster…) he’s done it all ( having been it all if you take all his body parts into account.)


Here’s some recent sketches… They amused me, and it’s funny how many look to the right!
there may be nudity…






















hope you enjoyed that!

Awesome sketches.

Is that Frank Zappa, the first drawing in your post?

Now you mention it I see the resemblance!

maybe sub consciously …All these are just goofing around and straight from my head though… I usually sketch whilst watching tv so sometimes what’s on influences me too.

Congrats, that’s a bunch of nice characters. I like the fact they’re alive and quite moody ! (please forgive my english !)

Your’e English is fine! Glad you liked them.:slight_smile:

I do seem to draw “default” as “moody”… it must be Cool or something!:wink:

Another Quickie… sort of un-intentionally john Malkovich… but made up…


Very nice sketches!

Does this mean there’s a fellow Zappa freak on the forum?

Great stuff Michael! Keep it coming!

…not exactly a Zappa freak, but yeah, he’s great.

Just doodling around in “mypaint”… (0.7)… I figured out that in the ui scripts you can uncomment some code to make the brush and colour windows “utility” windows that float above the paint window! Great!

There’s some new brushes in this new version… here’s a quick 15 minutes of playing with three new brushes:


Nice sketchbook! Gotta try out mypaint as well.


My paint is really good once you get used to it!

these pictures are less stylish, but feel more painterly than the gimp ones…

I don’t like this next…it disturbs me…


more mypaint…

apologies for the return to sullen and brooding…


…not had any nudity in a while either…but I’m liking my paint!


…and feel free to comment!

you know?

…just chip in any time!

damn good as usual plus am pleased to see an absense of the little brush thing that drove me a little nuts with your landscapes concepts. Would be cool to see some of these in colour.

p.s. its cool that you are using my paint for this I have been looking for a FOSS natural brush painting tool I visted there website last time around and their windows builds seemed so far behind their linux ones. but you thread made me remeber this app version 0.7 looks amazing enough but again an outdated windows build. Its time I learnt to compile code.

He he, Thanks man,

The “little brush thing” still goes on when I do the landscapes… I have a few I’ve been working on so must update that thread soon…

I wouldn’t know about the windows one, but compiling mypaint on linux was faster and more easy than anything I’ve tried! so I guess that once you have a build system in place it’ll be similar on windows…

it’s a lot of python in there, and you might need gtk…