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Hello! I have actually been using blender for about 3-4 years now. And I’m finally starting to share my stuff on the forums here. I guess I’ll start with putting them on a Sketchbook!

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I’ve been focusing on modeling characters for the most part, though I do make some environments and props every now and then.

So I’ll share a model I am still working on a bit right now.

The model is actually about a year old, but I picked it up and started to redo the body of it.
Here’s one of the first screenshots I taken when I worked on the body. I haven’t UV mapped the body or textured it yet.

After a few hours of more work, I got the hands and feet done. Then I textured them. I didn’t really take any screenshots between this and the last.

And of course the last screenshot is where I got him rigged and Some shapekeys set in.

I’ll probably post more screenshots and renders of this model and others like it as time goes on.


I was messing around a bit with the latest blender 2.8 build. Mostly the sculpting tools. After an hour or so of messing around, I ended up with this thing. I have no idea what I’ll do with it, but I like it.

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Going back to the Anthro Bear model that i was working on, I have set up an idle animation for them. I still have some parts of the animation to refine and fix, but I was happy with it enough at the time to render it out.

Thanks to some feedback I already got from friends and other comments, I will most likely update the model with new eyes that are controlled by bones and constraints instead of shapekeys like they have been so far.

So I have recently finished a new render using the ‘Mike the Bear’ model. This is pretty much a reference sheet for the character themself.
A lot of this render was actually made in the compositor. Though the models, color palate, grid, and text are models. I had composited them together with a background and an outline with an electric look to it.

Above is the fully rendered ref sheet. The full image is over 1080p (I didn’t realize that it wouldn’t scale down the render like most of the other sites did. So that’s awesome.) for some detail on the models to be seen.

I took the time afterwards to take some screenshots of the node setups for the post to artstation here:

Here’s one of the screenshots which is the compositing setup.

After that render, I started on a new character model. It’s pretty early in the works (only about 3-4 hours of work on him so far), but he’s been going pretty good so far. I’m experimenting some with hair particles to have better fur on the model.

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So, in the recent weeks I have been working on this render right here:

I’m actually really proud of it and most of that is because It is probably one of the longest full-scene projects I’ve worked on in blender.
Pretty much everything in the render was modeled. From the bricks in the wall to the planks in the floor.

Here is some early screenshots from the scene:

One of the first renders I made of the scene. It was early and just done so I could mess a bit with composition.

Early screenshot when I started modeling the character. Right when I was coming up for the idea of the scene.

Sadly, I didn’t take many screenshots when I started working on the scene.

I’ll probably update this with more screenshots if I decide this isn’t finished and add onto it more.

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Finally an update!

So I’m starting to expand on this bear’s universe by actually modeling his house and the land around it!

As I’m modeling it, I’m thinking on the story around it.
Anyways, I’m definitely proud of this scene. It’s different that my normal character modeling stuff and I learned how to use some of the addons that blender comes with!

And now for the progress pictures!

The scene started with me just modeling the house itself. I planned a little too big and wanted to make a full on village. I modeled out the basic shapes and had some referenced i was going off of for the look. As you can tell, I pretty much copied the look of the lower-left image’s house.

Once I finished most of the design for the house, I got to work on the scene design. I was going off my head for the concept which didn’t work well for me. I later wasn’t happy with the look of the landscape or the scale and completely scrapped it. I restarted on the scene entirely

I started out on my 2nd concept for the land which didn’t fare well for me either. After a few hours of working on it, I scrapped that design too.
At this point, I knew i needed to get some kind of reference at least… So i opened up minecraft, found a random spot that would look good for a house, and started building.
This would be used as a reference for the final landscape later on.

So now I started to model out the landscape of the scene. Finally not hating it. So it was about time I worked on the trees. I spent days looking at pre-made assets before stumbling randomly upon a tutorial to make them in blender. After following it and then messing around with this amazing addon that they used in it, I got to work on the trees.

From this point on, the scene was starting to get harder and harder for my GPU to handle. This would fair badly later on for the final render. So I quickly made a simple render and started to work on some compositing.

After this point, The scene was pretty much too big for my computer to handle. I had to work on the grass eventually along with some other changes, but again my computer was starting to take this hard. I had to separate the trees into another layer to work on this further.

Many days and no screenshots later, I finally get the final changes done and call it finished. It was time to leave my computer and render it over night. I woke up the next morning and was greeted with this:

I wish i could work on this more and just keep adding to it, but it’s about time I call it done before my computer dies out completely.
But it was definitely fun while I worked on it. Planning to work on even more like this eventually!


Thinking about this and how much work I put into it, I think i should probably throw it over to finished projects.
Hmm. Yep!
I’ll probably be lazy and just copy that whole post and throw it in with only a few small changes

New activity after a few years of silence. I’ve improved a bunch since, so I’ll start with some of the oldest stuff first.

These past two were more full-scene renders I’ve done using Mike’s model as the focus character. (Jan-March 2019)

Starting from here, I start experimenting with a new character I named Jack. (June 2019)

Jack overlooking a desertscape (June 2019)

Another full-render with Jack holding a broom (August 2019)

Another render of Jack on his ship which was from a model taken online. (September 2019)

An indoors-based scene with Jack. (September 2019)

A 3D model of ZillionRoss’ sona (November 2019)

A render containing all of my character models made during January of 2020.

A 3D scene featuring a Protogen (February 2020)

Another pose with Jack using a new arm model for his robot arm. (February 2020)

A forest-based scene featuring a unique fnaf bonnie model of mine (March 2020)

A full scene render of Jack based off a scene I had in my head of him.

A new model of Jack improving his look while making use of new tricks I’ve learned since then. (July 2020)

A posed render to test out the new Jack model (July 2020)

A full cover art-like render using the new Jack model. (July 2020)

A halloween-themed model made during the last week or two before halloween. (October 2020)

A toony-themed render using a commissioned model (November 2020)

A quick test of the concept of another character (November 2020)

A render testing out my skills with modeling a feral character. (November 2020)

An Australian Wild Dog character commission (December 2020)

An updated model of Mike the Bear. (January 2021)

A commissioned model made while testing out a custom toon shader on eevee. (February 2021)

A quick model testing out how less human rigging would work Such as a snake tail. (June 2021)

A render visualizing another scene I’ve had with Jack driving into a post-apocalyptic town. (June 2021)

A recreation of an older render I had using the new Jack model. (July 2021)

My latest render visualizing another scene idea I have with Jack. (July 2021)

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