Mikey TMNT

Hello guys, it has been a long time since I posted something here. Recently I learned a little bit of sculpting so I decided to create something with it.
So here it is

I saw this amazing drawing by Dan Mora, where he took a more traditional ninja approach on Mikey, I really liked it.

Here is the clay render:

Hope you guys like it, I guess the first reply will be from James Candy :smiley:

some screenshots

Not quite :slight_smile:

I liked this one from the beginning, and I like it now. Good job with this one.

wow someone before james thatโ€™s surprising, haha, thanks buddy.

I like this work because keeps the 2d style and it is difficult making with a 3d software.

Yes Madrid, I wanted to keep most of the forms 2D like original artwork. It was really difficult to get the face right, it still looks weird from some angles.