mild weirdness with weight painting


In an ordeal not wholly dissimilar to trying to remove my own unneeded kidney, I’ve been trying to master rigging. I’ve been able to get a grip on foot roll, IK, and action constraints without too much trouble, but I’ve got a little problem with weight painting.

This character has been lifted up VERY high via his pelvis bone, as can be seen in the right panel. In the left panel are IK targets (like knee straighteners and elbow straighteners), action constraint control bones (for clenching the fingers), and some other unimportant bones relating to footroll.

The 3D man looks like he’s melting.

Evidently some bones down there are influencing him, or the bones he’s been weight painted to aren’t influencing him enough, or something.

I’m curious:

What is causing this?

Is it something I really need to worry about? (that is, should I just keep him I safe distance close to those bones down there so he doesn’t melt.)

But I’m wondering why he melts like this to begin with… I weight painted him well…

Can anyone help?

Hey folks. Turns out I figured out the problem.

The root bone had little “spots” of influence exerted on the character here and there. (This was left over residually from something I did where I weight painted the entire character to the root bone. I don’t care to explain why I did this other than that I’m still getting the grip of weight painting and had to figure out what to do on my own. lol)

All I’ve got to do is choose the root bone and weight paint everything ZERO (particularly the melty parts.)

I know I sorta talked myself through this, but I guess posting it here holds me to figuring out the solution and not giving up, lol. Thanks. This topic can be closed or locked or whatever.