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Hi there,
I’ve working now on this head model. Nothing special realy. I’m just trying to grasp the fundementals of organic modelling. It seems to go fairly good up to a certain point: The detailing!!! I tried lot’s of aproaches. I think this approach is showing more success. I’ts far from completion though.
What is wrong here? Well, too much ‘evil triangels’ , no real edge loops if any. And that’s my main concern. Blender is great in modelling but lacks some of the things of Wings 3D. How can I draw good looking edge loops.

Help please…

I don’t see an image?
try new tuhoppu from cvs- it has edge ring selection and cutting with two methods: automatic, or by drawing new loop (awesome!, both of them)

Whoopsy, Here are the pics.

THis one is the low poly model. While in low poly I like to edit the mesh while the subsurf button is pushed in. That way you have greater control to ‘push’ the in right direction. A feature that wings 3d lacks (it has it but it;s hard to use) which makes Blender a very good contender in beating Wings 3d.

This is how the ugly low poly mesh looks like if I hit the subsurf button (subsurf 2x).

Be very critical. I need lots of help on this one.

P.S. I hope the images are visible now…

Damn! How can I display images directly in the forums? :<

Anyway, here are the links to the 2 pics.

:o whoa thats a pretty awesome modeling…btw I copy and paste direct link doesn’t seems to work…

very good start. I’ll look forward on seeing more.

but please, not spaces on the filenames.


The topology of the low poly model does not flow, and the more you divide the surface, the more it will break.
There are plenty of links on cgtalk concerning proper edgelooping. Your model looks very good, but with those wires, you can forget about animating it (or texturing it).
Study some of the wireframes at
I have a seperate folder on my harddrive full of these references that helped me tremendously.

…oh…and, uh,…can’t wait to see her body :smiley:

add detail … have a look at (even if boxmodeling is quite hard in blender ;))

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i cant get the link to open…

tnx for the feedback guys. I will post an update of the model on 27 sept 2003