MindHunter SONY TC-510-2 Tape recorder

3d rendering of a Sony TC - 510 - 2 tape recorder featured in the intro for David Finchers Mindhuter series. Relay glad with how this one turned out
Created fully in Blender, most materials are procedural with few textures here and there. Rendered with Cycles render engine. Modeled using Boolean workflow combined with the fairly new bevel shader. Decals created in Illustrator.


Wow very good job! How did you do the dust? :hugs:

the open button is so satisfying :ok_hand:

Hey thanks, the dust is just an imperfection map from Andrew.

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Ah thanks! So the imperfection map is from Poliigon? :blush:

I featured you on BlenderNation. Enjoy the weekend! o/

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You’re #featured! :tada:

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This is a thing of beauty! I have a soft spot for retro audio equipment, just love how it looks. Great stuff!

Make one render with muted colors to match the tone of the Mindhunter. You know you want it. :sunglasses:


Well done. Bonus Points for the Dust Particles in the closeup (or is that my dusty display? :D).
DoF & Transmission roughness for the top cover looks very nice too.

Are the VU-Meters behind a Glas or Plastic cover?

Very nice.Can u show the wireframe please?

Gorgeous work.

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Thanks! I used the same material for both, VU meters covers and the top cover, that is a default glass shader XD

here you go.


Exceptional design! How did you get the decals on? I’m a novice Blender user, and most tutorials I see say, to try avoid Booleans because they create bad topology and hard to UV map images.

Really great work, I love especially the VU meters, they are just great! But it reminds of the big time of the slowly revolving recording machines which can record anything. It always looks as if You are just going to record a mindblowing piece of music or speech, although mostly it was only a hitparade or a politician with many “ahem” and “hem” and it was extremely tedious to remove that much spam to make it presentable.
Thanx for sharing!

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Cries in retro beauty

Applause applause! Simply magnificent. Thanks for showing the wireframe too.

Very nice modelling and texturing, my only issue is that you can see the polygons, which takes away from the realism… Especially on the closeups, round/rounded things aren’t round. Well, that’s the price you’re paying for the boolean workflow I guess (unless you’re willing to go super high with the polycount).

You should make a business of that.

How did you make the grooves on the knob?


It’s an issue with the bevel shader. It does not have an option to assign witch edges appear beveled. Though I could have used a higher poly count on some things.