Minecraft in blender

I don’t know if anyone has tried doing this in blender yet but I thought I’d give it a go anyway.

The game so far (if you call it a game) just lets you create more blocks depending on which face you click on.

If anyone is interested maybe we could work on it. I will call this v0.1logic-brick minecraft.blend (475 KB)

Todo v0.2-
[Create a dynamic camera]
[removing blocks]

logic-brick minecraftV0.11.blend (465 KB)

You can now delete bricks.

Does anyone else want to work on this with me. it’s not really a tough project.

You might have problems with view distance, i have heard before that you need a better rendering engine ?
please correct me if i`m wrong. I have not seen nobody do a command and conquer style game yet :wink:

Yeah that could be a problem. I’ll see how big it could get

I haven`t had a problem yet with view distance but some people said they had clipping and distortion
from longer distances ? Would be a great project good luck!

clipping really isn’t an issue(because this can be adjusted) the problems that you are going to run into are

  1. Terrain generation. Even with seeing how minecraft actually achieved this, it is extremely complex.

  2. Game engine efficiency. With generating so many cubes (literally millions) the BGE really shows it’s biggest flaw. It just simply would not be able to handle this, and even with occlusion culling and other tricks, it will still bog down like crazy.

  3. Dedication. This project will take an immense amount of time to complete, without tons of dedication it will fail due to not being worked on.

All of that being said minecraft in blender is theoretically possible, but with a large amount of work, and I wish you the best of luck!

Use the forum search function, there was a few Blender-Minecraft projects.

it is extremely complex.

Well I wouldn’t say extremely complex but it takes a bit of tweaking.

I think that a system that only draws bricks that have been hit by “vision rays” might work, along with physics object LOD,


Camera rays “paint” visibility on blocks that are able to be collided with by rays
(having visibility “dissipate” will also be an issue…)

“blocks” don’t have a physics object at all unless LOD distance is smaller than X

this way, you will only draw bricks that can be seen…

would this help?

Hey there! I would love to help you with this game! Tell me what you would like me too do.

This looks like a cool project. You don’t have much but I like what you have so far. How did you make it so that the blocks are placed on a grid based system?

I have never tried this, but I would like to work on that.

There was someone who was kinda making Minecraft in Blender.

well I really be glad if someone could work on a camera system.

Server start

100 X 100 Grid area populated with empties, 2 units apart,

Unit has property
“block type”

Equation populates block type to generate level,

moving on X plane = Generate a new row, move all assignments over one?

save the “leaving” blocks in some sort of “data” file, so when you move back -X it loads back in old blocks?

this way, no matter what, you always have X iterations of objects

First of: u are copying minecraft, who would want to play ,bad, copy? This could be fan made game I guess
U need to be original!!!

Frame rate was between 30-60 while recording with 26 896 blocks.

It is doable, but you can’t compete with minecraft’s world generator and view distance.
You would have to work with less blocks and with more originality, like advanced npcs.

I could search for older blender projects if that would help you as they have helped me.
There was one with nice block placement system and mouselook.

LOL I just realized that I can’t create this game in blender. I mean not as good as the original obvs… But I have been working on a game for android which didn’t last long either… at least I got the prototype going http://www.shemseddine.com/2013/09/13/pygame-and-android-pgs4a/