Minecraft Snowboard Animation

Hello everyone!

I would love to hear some critical feedback on my latest animation!

This was probably the hardest thing I have animated so far, making the jumps and tricks look good was quite the challenge.

I have plans on starting to animate more realistic or cartoonish animations too. Just have to get started, currently practicing realistic modeling in cycles.

Dude that was amazing! I can’t think of anything bad to say about it. I would like a tutorial though for modeling a Minecraft look.

Nice work! I love some of the camera angles - like when he’s heading for the jump and it’s down by his knees and he just subtly prepares for the jump. Some lovely touches with the panning with lens flare, and the patting down the jump. Also like the slow mo bit timed with the music.

The only thing that seemed at all off (and it may just be me) was some of the trajectories from the jumps - did you do anything with physics simulation or just do it by eye?

Thanks! :slight_smile:
Modeling in minecraft style is quite easy, since you only will be working with cubes and pixels. The only hard thing can be to make bends and such but still keep the pixels.

If your interested I am giving out all my minecraft rigs for free here (http://rymdnisse.net/minecraft/animations.html)

Otherwise, there are quite alot of tutorials on how to make minecraft models on youtube already.

Thanks man!

I didn’t use any physics or so for the jump. I did use a path(curve) though, but I didn’t make him follow it automatically, just used it as a reference.