MINERVA: Metastasis Part One

Has anyone else played this HL2 single-player mod? All I can say is “WOW!!!11111111oneoneoneone”

Theres almost no customized content in this mod (maybe even none?) but the gameplay and story are (dare I say it?!) better than the original HL2 game! It’s more or less an extension to the HL2 universe, I guess. But it’s damn impressive!


If you already own HL2, I would highly suggest that you download and play though this one.

I played it a while back. It was fun, but very short. However, I hear he’s making more “chapters” so I can’t wait for the new ones.

Short, indeed. But much more fun to play and longer than that (crappy) map, “Lost Coast.” When i finished that long awaited masterpeice I was left thinking “wait…so I waited like 4 months for THAT?!”